Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam Released

DSOGaming writes: "Reality Studios have released Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam. Project Reality: BF2 Vietnam is an add-on for the PR:BF2 v0.97 modification and in this addon the team has added 3 new factions, 4 maps, 20 new vehicles and 14 new weapons. The addon will be implemented in the upcoming v1.0 of PR:BF2 but – as the team suggests – it would be wise to download and install it as there are already many servers running the addon."

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ATi_Elite2294d ago

Ok here is the deal!

If you wanna play Arma II or Arma III but your PC doesn't have the balls to run it then check out BF2 project reality or BF2 Vietnam Project Reality!

BF2 PR is an Excellent mod that turns BF2 into a whole new experience with upgraded A.I and a ton of new stuff! Hell even if you can run Arma II go download this anyway. It's awesome!

5 stars, two thumbs up, a double salute, Full Robo Chubby..........go download it and you'll be happy!

Red_eyes_Gremlin2293d ago (Edited 2293d ago )


I playd the original PR to Bf2 and i loved it, I still pick it up some times just to hang out with some friends or to be a commander helping my team.

As the guy said above me: This game is perfect for them that want the TACTICS that ARMA 2 is famous for but dont have a good computer that they can play it smooth on ( that is IMO very important).

Tho one game that i loved MORE then BF2 and the classic 1942 was BF Vietnamn - Nothing like crusing 2 feet over a river with surfing bird coming out from the speakers, racing the troops morale on the ground and having a kick ass feeling wile doin it.

Now i can do it again and on larger maps? AWESOME!
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