Mass Effect 3: Should Bioware Have Caved?

Mass Effect's ending may be changing, satisfying all those campaigned for it to be so, but it makes me sad instead to see this happening to a game's narrative.

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FrightfulActions2319d ago

Yes, they should. No, they haven't. Saying they've 'caved' is a misunderstanding. They didn't give us a new ending to fix their horrible one. They're keeping the ending, just sprinkling some glitter on the pile of crap. Artistic integrity my ass. That ending needs to be burned and forgotten like a sick joke.

Again, the ending is NOT changing. They've cleared stated this in several FAQ's, so why anyone thinks it is, is beyond me. We deserve a better ending, we're not getting one. Fan's have no won, and Bioware didn't cave. Hopefully when everyone see's this "new ending" (again, it isn't) they will realize that no matter how much sparkle they add to crap, crap is still crap. We need a new one entirely, you can't make Godchild and it's logic, or the space magic, make any sense. No matter how much extra talking they add, it's still going to be stupid.

Spirits I hope they prove me wrong - I really really do. I love Mass Effect. It's disgraceful what kind of ending they've smacked on it. :/

Anon19742319d ago

Give it up. Even if Bioware turned it around and gave the best ending imaginable, it wouldn't erase the memory of the ending already out there and it wouldn't satisfy because it's too late.

And just because you didn't like the ending doesn't mean you're in the majority or it should even be changed. There's been plenty of critics and fans in the forums supporting ME3's ending. What gives any of you the right to dictate how the ending goes down? I can't get over the arrogance of some people. You have every right to complain that's your right. But the people trying to harm Bioware's business, employees and their families with FTC complaints because they didn't like the damn ending of some game - it's too far. I also think charges should be laid against the "fans" who targeted individual Bioware employees with harassment over this.

I'm happy as hell Bioware isn't caving to these twits (not directed at you, just the morons in general who took this way too far) and changing the ending. I have nothing against extending, or adding new content, but I'm glad to see Bioware stick to their guns.

MysticStrummer2319d ago

Your first paragraph implies that you know the ending wasn't worthy of the saga, and your second paragraph implies that the majority is always right. I agree that some have taken this waaay too far, but my experience tells me that the majority of people are morons. If I was in charge of Bioware, I'd be releasing substantial DLC for free that puts things right, and pretending that was my plan all along whether it was or not.

tigertron2319d ago

"Just because you didn't like the ending doesn't mean you're in the majority or it should even be changed".

Like wise, just because you liked it doesn't mean you're in the majority either.

"What gives you the right to dictate how the ending goes down?"

because we paid for what is essentially a product.

Whilst I agree some people have taken it too far with these FTC complaints, I do sympathise. The ending was horrible. You can't get around it. No one can explain the gigantic plot holes - it was a mess. Pure and simple.

aliengmr2319d ago

Ohhh please, stop with all the hyperbolic non-sense. There are no riots in Edmonton so chill out. A small number of idiots saying horrible things on the internet shouldn't come as a surprise. One idiot complaining to the FTC doesn't equal a government investigation.

You know what I don't like? People saying that fans of ME3 whom did like the ending wanted "harm" the folks at BioWare. You are so pathetic. You don't actually give a crap about BW, you just have a stick up your ass about Retake. You don't mention the positive things they did, why? OHHH right. You just want to paint them as a bunch of psychopaths. "Facts" would get in the way of your "targeted hate campaign".

stragomccloud2319d ago

You saved me from having to say this myself. Thank you.

mrdeli2319d ago

What happens when an author breaks an unspoken contract with a reader is that the reader rebels and puts the book down. Bioware made a contract with the user way back in Mass Effect in 2007. They chose to break the contract in the last 10 minutes. There must be a reason for this !

Mythicninja2319d ago

The ending is indeed a disgrace s so many people miss the point that it's the fact that it contradicts so many things in the lore that pissed us off. It also contradicts major themes present in the story (geth and EDI working with humans in peace) yet somehow supposedly will kill organics. The space ghost kid is also a classic example of the literary device known as "deus ex machina" .....which generally implies a lack of creativity by the author. You can look this up on wikipedia. And this was known to be undesirable from the time of the ancient greeks. All this from the supposed "masters" of video game story telling?

DeadSpaced2319d ago

Out of everything you said, I have to agree with you most on the space ghost kid. It caught me off guard and it seemed out of place. I think they tried to make a connection between the kid in your dreams and the space kid. But they didn't do that right. Props on pointing out the "deus ex machina", though. I didn't catch that until you mentioned it.

TekoIie2319d ago

If you want this game to be remembered for the right things then you would know they did the right thing...

Gamer19822319d ago

they should have made some cool addon that showed what you decisions did after the credits rolled like the Krogan conquered all the others because you cured the genophage (but they wouldnt if you made certain other choices which I wont say as they would be spoilers).

ginsunuva2319d ago

That's probably what they saved for dlc

PersonaCat2319d ago

Sure wish game journalists would read up on the news they are delivering... a simple search on google would tell you that it isn't a new ending but an expanded one. Can have this guy's job now?

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