The US Government wants to spy on your Xbox 360

HardwareLust: It’s more than just wishful thinking on the government’s behalf. Obscure Technologies has been granted $177,250 to develop “hardware and software tools that can be used for extracting data from video-game systems.” It would even extend into the used market.

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a_bro2236d ago

i cant wait to fap right on the kinect while the FBI is watching though it.

Starbucks_Fan2236d ago

Good I can't wait to flip off those stupid ass fools.

Ashunderfire862236d ago (Edited 2236d ago )

Why am I not surprised? LOL!!!! Did you guys know that NSA is building the nation's biggest Spy Center in Utah? Talk about big brother!!!! To make matter worst they are using our taxes to build all these secret projects, and they claim we have no right to know? To hell yes we have a right to know!!! I am not surprised at all. The only way people will take this seriously, if it all effects their families and friends.

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The story is too old to be commented.