2008 Guiness Book records for video-games: Mario rulz

1. "Myst": the least violent adventure game ever (the game has no time limit, no dialogue, no enemies and no way of dying- released for Apple Macintosh in 1993)
2.fastest selling Tomb Raider game: "TR Legend" (more than 2.5 million copies sold in the first five weeks of availability)
3.highest grossing game for a single day: "Halo 3" (more than $170 million worth of first-day sales in the US alone)

...and many more!

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bozemanriverrat3934d ago

I've been looking forward to picking this up since I first heard about it when "Attack of the Show" unveiled the World's Largest Arcade Machine. I knew it was coming out early this year, but does anyone have an actual release date?