GamesBeat at PAX East 2012: BioWare faces its (not-so) angry fans

Stefanie Fogel writes about how BioWare faces its fans in person for the first time over Mass Effect 3's ending.

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googergieger2361d ago

Wonder if comic con will be a more honest type of audience. I imagine they really screened the audience for PAX.

acronkyoung2361d ago

Could just be that people are fine with anonymously screaming hatred on The Internet, but when they're face to face with the people they aren't so willing to spew the vitriol.

Baka-akaB2361d ago (Edited 2361d ago )

Or couldnt it be that even haters something got better things to do than going out of their way to manifest at a CON ?

Those are usually for the enthusiastic fans , so no surprise , controversity or not .

Not as if you'd see a lot of discontent comic fans going to Comicon to bash Marvel or Dc whenever they feel strongly against something . And yet you wont find many as vindicative as those

googergieger2361d ago

Did I say anything close to that? How many serious questions were they asked regarding all the controversy? People reported they were asked nothing but soft ball questions. Oh but feel free to keep patting yourself on the back for buying into a generalization created by people that don't have the balls to admit they were wrong, even the one time.

In regards to Baka, Comic Con hasn't been about comics in forever, unfortunately. Why I stopped going this year. Nothing but a mainstream pop culture fest full of people that "enjoy" the whole event through their phones. Though in the past companies and movies have been booed off the stage at the comic con(Green Hornet was a victim of people running out of the auditorium before they went up on stage and then the small that stayed booed what they were shown as well). Again though, back when real fans went and had no problem venting their displeasure at something/someone that didn't try in their respective fields.

Really though, I, along with many, would just like to see them respond to some serious questions. Much more, not be allowed to just brush them off and go into a P/R spin cycle.

SeraphimBlade2361d ago

As for Tali's face, well there's basing a character on a real photo, and then there's just shopping a photo, especially a stock one. That and I really don't buy quarians are that human-looking, since they keep getting compared to turians.

kevinsheeks2360d ago (Edited 2360d ago )

I saw the video's it all seemed so staged even the one question regarding the negative feelings about the ending was asked in a vague manner.

And the audience cheered for the smallest things *Random Me3 panelist takes sip of water* *woooo*cheer*woooo*cheer*

Simple really put a few stooges in the crowd have enough of them clap in the rest shall follow blurring out the people with any real distaste


also in the video you vaguely hear a guy say it doesn't matter to a question regarding your choices but he is blurred out by all the woooo*cheers*wooooo