New Project CARS Modded Screenshots by Gionight

DSOGaming writes: "Project CARS looks amazing, there is no doubt about that. But what happens when well-known modder 'Gionight' decides to implement his personal FXAA preset? Simple. You get some drooling screenshots that showcase what a well tweaked lighting mod can actually do."

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jeenyus2355d ago

Far from anything impressive, tbh.

ATi_Elite2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

Some people may think your being serious!

Project Cars burns rubber and smokes any racer before it and a few that will be released after it. Also the dam game isn't even finished yet so this is gonna only get even better (I know scary right)

All the pictures are amazing but i particularly like these three

1. I'm a graphics and detail whore so when a graphics engine goes the extra mile and allows Carbon fiber, rubber, steel, plastic, fiber glass, aluminum, concrete to all look like they are made from their respective elements (unlike the Unreal Engine where everything looks to be made from a plastic-Play-doh mix) then im happy!

2. The second picture is awesome cause of the fidelity in the colors and detail. although overcast and cloudy the cars color pops very nicely and no jaggies on the lines.

3. picture number 3........your screwed! Theres a video on Youtube somewhere showing a first person view of a car rolling over and crashing in Project cars and it's very intense. They have so far shown great commitment to getting the physics at an impressive level.

jeenyus2355d ago

Oh, it says ATi.
If your english wouldn't be so broken and filled with a particular fanboish explosion I'd probably give you a better reply. Take care.

aaaaaaaaa2354d ago

>"jeenyus"< Do I have to put anything else, LMAO.
Oh yeah of 'coarse' I do, bitter ass comment.

john22355d ago

gotta agree with ATi_Elite. Project CARS looks beyond anything we've seen so far

Me-Time2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

This looks amazing, but...

"Project Cars burns rubber and smokes any racer before it and a few that will be released after it."

Not really, because not every person wants a game that's "Race Cars Only".

I wish I could try out the Azure Coast and California Highway roads. I've always wanted "tracks" like those in a racing game.

john22355d ago

what troubles me is that Project CARS (in its C.A.R.S. name) started as a pure sim hardcore game and is now targeting for a perfect mix between arcade and sim. Sure some might find it great but it's initial vision was different. And with Assetto Corsa and rFactor 2 (and GTR3) right around the corner, I can't see why pure sim racers should be concerned with Slightly Mad Studios' title