Battlefield 3: Close Quarters Off-Screen Footage From PAX

MP1st - "YouTuber Welchy963 was able to sneak some Battlefield 3: Close Quarters footage off the floor at this year's PAX.

Here, you can see him playing on the same map that was shown in the latest Close Quarters gameplay trailer, Ziba Tower. You can notice the tight, close quarters, corridor fighting that DICE was obviously going for in this expansion of Battlefield 3.

We've yet to gather the rest of weapons that will be included in this DLC as they were not shown at PAX. Only seven out of the ten weapons have been revealed so far.

Nevertheless, checkout the footage below to get a glimpse of what Close Quarters is all about."

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KeiserSosay47882355d ago

Coming from a Battlefield 1942/BF2/BF2142 veteran, this is NOT Battlefield:(

Muerte24942355d ago

Yeah i was thinking the same thing. I look like COD MW2 with an extreme graphical upgrade. Tisk Tisk EA

TekoIie2355d ago

This sort of map isnt going to work well with BF gameplay. Its gonna be a shotgun fest which is not what i want if im gonna keep this game :(

Solid_Snake372355d ago


Hopefully, admins are going to ban shotguns on those maps.

AllroundGamer2355d ago

also Battlefield 1942/DC/BF2 veteran, since the latest patch BF3 is no Battlefield anymore :( DICE have hit a new low and will probably stay there.

ThichQuangDuck2355d ago

Counter Strike Global Offensive or Battlefield: Sell out map pack? Easy choice for summer gaming

R1CAN6172355d ago

This looks SICK! cant wait.

Pixel_Enemy2355d ago

I think COD is more your style. Lucky for you they make a new one every year.

ritsuka6662355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

Fast paced, less recoil than BF2..SHM,every year i see less and less hardcore games coming out. sad this.. =/

KeiserSosay47882355d ago

I agree with you, sir...I'm saddened honestly.


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F7U122355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

ummm...what about Arma 2/3?

Elwenil2355d ago

Bohemia is one of those rare developers that care more about producing a game that is true to the original vision and what their fans want. They know they are in a niche market and they don't seem to care that they will not get hundreds of millions in sales or what the "other guys" are developing. They certainly buck the trend to milk every franchise for every dollar possible and to morph games into whatever is popular to compete. Bohemia get nothing but respect from me for sticking to their guns and making exactly what they want to, and not what a big publisher would want them to.

MGRogue20172355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

This map is great for those times where you want BF3 to play like a CoD title.. why you'd want to do that is beyond me.. but whatever..

"Armored Kill", arguably the biggest map ever created in Battlefield history.. is for the BF3 players who enjoy the huge open maps like Caspian Border, Operation Firestorm etc.. etc.

"Armored Kill" is the one I'm looking forward to, "Close Quarters" not so much.. =/

TekoIie2355d ago

im mainly buying this for the new guns...

Solid_Snake372355d ago

Relax guys. Dice are trying to make all bf3 fans happy, be they ex COD players of bf veteran as well. They just felt that the demand is higher for tighter maps, since 70% of the maps being played right now are grand bazaar and metro.

SnotyTheRocket2355d ago

Yeah, ill HAVE to get this..... New guns..... Platoon gonna get it also.

Kouzmich2355d ago

people escape from this in Battlefield games and DICE brings them right back. WTF are they smoking ?
Such huge team ,having meetings, brainstorming and etc.and they come up with this ...

TekoIie2355d ago

its easier to avoid them with BF server search so it should be fine :)

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The story is too old to be commented.