Who will lead the robotic revolution and take over the world?

Wheatley & Claptrap goes head to head in this week's showdown. Fun facts included for both contestants.

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Summons752358d ago

While Wheatley may have a charming voice and witty comments.....Calptrap dances soooo my vote leans toward Claptrap

Makasu2358d ago

Yeah... its hard for Wheatley to dance since... he doesnt have any legs.

Makasu2358d ago

I think Wheatley has the better leadership skills needed in order to wip up support among the robots to rise up. Plus he's a megalomaniac :D

Divine Dragon2358d ago

Only Wheatley - the perfectly designed idiot could rise to any sort of power.

It's been written in history. Just look at Bush.

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