Why The Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Is The Right Move

It's no secret that the Retake Mass Effect 3 movement has favored the indoctrination theory since the release of Mass Effect 3, and some of the members believe Bioware and EA are only adding to the problem by trying to explain an ending that's simply bad, due to lackluster writing and gaping plot holes. But what if the Extended Cut is the right move?

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SnakeCQC2320d ago

you what what another right move would be? giving me 1 2 and 3 native controller support!

kent800820072320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Agreed. Remember when everyone play split screen multiplayer on PS1 on small 19" TVs? Now we have TVs as big as 50"+ and we don't have games with native controller support? That doesn't make sense at all

stragomccloud2320d ago

I feel stupid asking this, but what is "native controller support"?

SnakeCQC2319d ago (Edited 2319d ago )

support for the controller directly from devs in the game code for to work with a 360 wired controller(official pc controller it being an ms product) or some sort of controller so it works well like console but higher resolution and graphics it sounds sooo simple but devs are not implementing it in some games most have it it but anything created before like 2001 doesn't have it and then bioware doesn't have it so im like WTF

stragomccloud2319d ago

Thanks for that explanation! Very helpful. Didn't know we were talking PC.

I miss mine... motherboard suddenly died... And I had only built the thing at the beginning of 2011. Sad Pandas.

Anon19742320d ago

I really don't get it. I've played so many games in my 30+ years of gaming that were excellent but couldn't stick the landing. You deal with it and move on. It's like somehow the ending of the game suddenly negates the hours and hours of enjoyment spent leading up to that point. Isn't it the journey, not the destination? If gamers lose their minds simply because they didn't like a particular game ending, all I can think is maybe they shouldn't be gaming in the first place. I just can't put my head in the frame of mind where I can relate even slightly to the backlash, the ftc complaints, the targeted and illegal hate campaigns directed at individual Bioware staff - over the ending of a freakn game. It's a GAME. Wtf is wrong with people? I can't even fathom how these people can get through day to day life if they can't handle a game ending they didn't like without losing their grip on reality. Here's a news flash. Life's like that. Feel free to voice your opinion, but for fck's sake, move on. Even if they changed the ending, would that really satisfy you. Would it complete erase the memory of the first ending and make you happy? Of course not. The Transformers movies were awful, and Michael Bay promised Megan Fox would be in the 3rd, but you don't see me starting campaigns, ftc complaints or pestering Bay with hate mail. It's because expecting everything to be a shiny gem is unrealistic.

stragomccloud2320d ago

It's a really complicated issue. This is the first time an ending has ever bothered me or so many people before. There's been endings that I didn't necessarily like, but I could easily live with, and move on. But something is different this case. It's called of like the ending of Mass Effect 3 was, assuming one played through all three, kind of like a build up to a giant kick in the balls.

The ending was just a case of what seemed like a rush job. And didn't have the same care as the rest of the game. Regardless, I completely agree with you in everything you have said. Though, this case I believe is the exception to the rule.

CrazyRap2320d ago

wow this got waaay out of hand..
You play a game, finish it and then move to a new one not cry for a crap ending..
People need to go out and smell something called fresh air.

stragomccloud2320d ago

**********SPOILER ALERT***************

As long as all the relays are destroyed, everything you ever fought for, and every decision you ever made in all of the games is still for naught.

***********Spoiler Ends**************************