TLR: Mass Effect 3 Review: A Trilogy to Remember

Ms Throwback of TLR Writes "Mass Effect 3 keeps with the dark luminescence we’ve come to expect from previous installments. deep purples, reds, and blues of ships, characters skin, and outfits create an array of colors that become hard to look away from. The camera pans over an involved environment full of these colors and attention to detail becomes obvious."

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googergieger2322d ago

A lot of very misleading "pluses" in this review. Few downright lies as well. You know, it is getting harder and harder to argue critics weren't paid off for good reviews. I used to defend them and say they simply got caught up in the hype or didn't finish the game. But when reviews come out saying every thing you do in the previous games shapes and moves the universe in the third one in great detail...

Well simply put, is now blocked.

bacrec12321d ago

She liked the game you didn't, We get it. Surprise she doesn't have the same views as you.

googergieger2321d ago

This is the problem with conversation in this generation. As little as possible is given and then still called worth while. It is a lot more to it than that. There is a difference in, "I like my video games with more game play than story". Compared to, "This video game makes sure all your decisions matter even to the most minute detail". One is opinion, the other can easily be argued. Especially when it is downright wrong.

Valenka2321d ago

Regardless, it's people's opinions. Just because you disagree with it doesn't make it wrong.

jonniethm2321d ago

wow googergieger did you play the game? have you ever heard of "if it aint broke don't fix it". what in particular are you disagreeing with because i don't see how you can. MsThrowback (that's me) has given 2 out of five reviews that have gotten 8 out of 10 on average scores. thats why it's called Legit. where are these downright lies you speak of. i can't even counter your outrageous claim because your as vauge as you claim the review to be. on top of that if i was getting paid to do this i don't think i would be working a rediculous 16 hour day tomorrow thank you.

googergieger2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

I played it and passed it a few times before selling it back. For a game that always relied heavily on story to make up for it's above average at best game play, it did indeed fix something that wasn't broken in ME3. As clearly the game play was the main focus in the third game and the story took a back seat. Ignoring the average dialogue throughout and the convenient story elements thrown in, in order to force the story along. Not to mention ignoring the almost universally agreed upon, bad ending. Let us get into this one downright wrong claim.

"Another cool feature of the plot design is the return of old faces to this third installment. Shipmates that didn’t die in the second game come back, some with very involved storylines. decisions made in the previous game can be as subtle as the loss of a love interest to a violent and extreme shift of power. In fact it can be so significant at times that highlights of what happens in your version of the game may never happen to another person that has played the game and vise versa. This creates a meaningful amount of replay value as going back and enjoying Mass Effect 2 over again could mean a totally different player experience in Mass Effect 3. It is almost mind-blowing that the plot could be this involved, characters, storylines, decisions, personal involvement, it really has never been any better than this when it comes to decision-making in a game"

The most involved storyline is a forced one with Mordin. Even then like a lot of characters in ME3 he is turned into a one thought caricatured version of himself. Much more even if he is missing, the story still moves along very much the same way. Oh let me guess, the emotional attachment you gained in ME2 is what makes him and him alone so special in having him in ME3 right? Okay. Let us give you that one. That one "involved story line". Do pray tell though the violent and extreme shift of power though? Cause I played the game through three times with three very different characters and besides some very and I do mean very small superficial differences the game played exactly the same throughout.

Not to mention the ending makes even those superficial differences, even more pointless. So again very misleading at the very least. Downright lies at the very worst. Again, I defended you lot. I hate being that cynical. Maybe not being paid off, but something is definitely up when you go out of your way to ignore the glaring faults in a game and only talk up the pluses as the be all/end all of gaming. Average game is average. If you have emotional attachment and find it is a fun enough game to make it feel more than average, say that. However don't call it a masterpiece when it is anything but.

Edit: changed the word "though" to "those".

jonniethm2321d ago

You sir are certainly correct when you state that there are two main elements being the combat zones and character storyline. While you focus on the combat I have always focused on the storyline as my main reason for playing the game. Should I give a game a terrible score because the ending is bad. This is a groundbreaking trilogy. The ending is 1% of the game if that. I don't know how you break down percentages in your reviews for what's important but I refuse to give full attention to the ending when I spent days upon days playing through a game that has been an ABSOLUTLY amazing experience. Yes I am involved in the characters, if that isn't your thing fine, then I can see why you wouldn't like my review because I didn't focus on the combat that millions of other games have. If this was just a shooter there would be nothing to talk about. I'm sorry that you don't approve but these aren't lies. I've played the game and I'm playing it again now. I've also watched my husband play through with significant differences each time.  I explained in my review that a big part of what makes this game is CHARACTER DYNAMICS if you missed that part then you missed it intentionally. I did say that outright and to me that's what makes it so groundbreaking. This may have not happened with you and that's fine then I believe it wouldn't have been as good an experience. I would love to know what you consider a "masterpiece" I believe in my reviews and my scores. Don't call me a liar and don't consider me paid off. I wouldve given the same score regardless of what everyone else thought. That's what makes tlr legit. If you believe different fine! Comment on the site and let me know but don't block it because you have a different opinion. I am open to ridicule but not ridicule that includes blocking an entire site for disagreeing with one review for goodness sakes.

Chuk52321d ago

I think ME3 will easily be one of the best games of the year when all is said and done come December.

The real Colombian2321d ago

Yes we at the legit review are rolling in money from the reviews we get paid to lie about, I recently wiped the excrement from my buns with a 100 dollar bill. I'm so rich I have run out of ways to spend money. ROTFL... okay ok... really goog I know like me you probably hated the ending but the game is still amazing. You have the right to an opinion but damn man you sound like she pissed in your cereal or something, maybe she should. If you want to throw a tantrum throw one at Bioware for your displeasure, but please just please don't block the site. How will we make our millions without you , don't do this to us. lmao

Hicken2321d ago

I think it's less this specific review and more than it's been happening far too often.

It reflects the Mass Effect situation, as well: ME3 wasn't the first game to lie about content, nor will it be the last. But with all the other things gamers have had to put up with in recent times, and with as much time and money invested into the ME series as many people have, it boiled over into the situation we now have.

In the past, goog might have let the discrepancies he feels are present slide. But as more and more doubt about the validity of reviews piled onto his mind, he's less likely to allow such things. Wouldn't anyone be the same? I know I certainly am.

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