Top 10: Spiritual  Successors

GameInformer- Some games series die before their time, but that doesn't always mean the end. Occasionally, fate takes a turn and resurrects yesteryear's gaming glory. Here are ten of the best unofficial sequels in gaming history.

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Relientk772356d ago

That's a pretty good list I'm glad the recgonized:

Final Fantasy Tactics (Tactics Ogre)

A lot of people know about FFT, but less kno about Tactics Ogre and how it came out before FFT and its an amazing game.

bobrea2356d ago

Wow, someone actually found a top 10 list that hasn't been done a thousand times already. Bravo.

guitarded772356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

Yeah, fun read.

Hicken2356d ago

Really good list, and nice notes about things most people (myself included, in many cases) wouldn't know about.