Success: Dark Souls is coming to the PC this August

And as you may have guessed, all those rumors were true all along. Dark Souls is officially coming to the PC. As promised, german magazine PC Action had a feature for a console exclusive RPG hitting the PC and that was Dark Souls. The PC version will be called ‘Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition’ , will feature new boses and will be released this August. You can find below an image from the cover of PC Action. Great day for PC gamers. Enjoy and prepare to die… a lot… this August.

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NYC_Gamer2359d ago (Edited 2359d ago )

Here's the official magazine site...It's all legit and plus common for European mags to break/leak news first...i'll be buying it over again just to show my support...please let the PC version have a steady framerate/higer rez.

-Alpha2358d ago

Better framerate and higher resolution sound like a given, mod support would truly make it a class better than the console counterparts.

So happy to see how far this series has come this gen.

And to think that most of us saw the original trailer and played it off as just another junky Japanese game

8bit_Nes_Rambo2358d ago

"just another junky Japanese game". Nice bit of not so stealthy trolling.

SilentNegotiator2358d ago

"And to think that most of us saw the original trailer and played it off as just another junky Japanese game"

Who's "most of us"?

wollie2358d ago

Well to be fair, there have been a few good Japanese games this gen, just not as much as last gen.

I pretty much only played Japanese games last gen with a few American/European games. This gen is the opposite.

Kinda sad I love Japanese games so much i actually minored in Japanese so i could play imports... To bad there is very little worth playing.

-Alpha2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

I remember a lot of negativity when they first revealed the trailer, a lot of people passed the game off until first reviews came in. Not trying to troll, just telling you what I remembered (and I'm talking about Demon's Souls)

Maybe not on N4G, but I used to hang out on other forums and nobody seemed to expect much at all

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codename132358d ago

Nice to hear that finally. After all number of hardcore RPG gamers are more on PC platform. So this game is really worthy of being on PC.

Moncole2359d ago

I hope it has Steam works

Lionsguard2358d ago

Awesome, now the armor can be easily ported to Skyrim,

MagicAccent2358d ago

What, who disagrees with this?
Dark souls armor in skyrim is a great mod idea!

theeg2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

Sweet, loved the game, but could not stand the framerate and low resolution that plauges most console games, cannot wait to play this beast again in full true 1080p at 60 frames with 16x anti aliasing!!

fingers crossed for mods!

Louis_Guzman2358d ago

Only framerate issues where in Blight town. Hardly a deal breaker.

wollie2358d ago

to a pc gamer anything lower than 60fps is a problem

specialguest2358d ago

Blight town wasn't the only area with frame rate issues. There's the Firelink Shrine, New Londo Ruins, Boss fights, and many other spontaneous occasions and areas.

CarlitoBrigante2358d ago

You didnt even play the game, only 1 little place had framerate issues in the game.

This game will suck on PC, itll be pirated and stupid mods will be created that gives you infinite stamina and health wich takes the purpose of the game away.

theeg2358d ago (Edited 2358d ago )

yes i played it and i loved it (though demons souls was better) there were framerate problems EVERYWHERE!!

The Firelink Shrine area is 20 frames the entire time at best and everytime you got near the crow it went down into the teens

the sewers with the diseased rats occasionally fell into the singlle digits!

darkroot basin by the swamp monster, everytime it shoots those annoying water missles the game chugs in single digits

every single bossfight was a SLIDESHOW!

you such a hater carlitiot

just because you are used to this type of terrible performance from console games does not mean they are non existant

unfortunately on consoles, there is 100% nothing you can do about it, you just stand there and take it, you can't change the settings, you cannot modify config files, you cannot download a user made fix, you cannot remove or create ANYTHING!

you just sit there eating your digital govbment cheese

this game will be beautiful on pc, like every game on pc!

i play games from 2004 on pc that look better than 90% of console games

by 2007 pc was already a full generation of anything on console

uncharted 3 is LAST GEN to me!

jon12342358d ago

next, dark souls for vita!, better yet demon souls!!!!

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