Iwata Poohs Graphics and Story, Loves Apple

Nintendo of today is a different company. A different company with a different perspective. Not that this is good or bad - it's different. So when Nintendo president honcho was asked about the new physical interaction the Wii-mote offers, his answers is anything but typical. Here Iwata answers Japan's

"It's [the waggle] an extension of the argument of straightforward and easy control we started with the DS, but putting it in the living room makes it different. As big screen televisions increase, what kind of game machine can you make? Targeting highly detailed graphics and epic stories are options, and in that situation, the gamer population doesn't increase. The answer was creating the sensation of really playing sports on the television screen, and it's a new type of physical interaction."

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lynx1halo3934d ago

lol I just honestly like this guys name

MK_Red3934d ago

Well, another reason for me to hate him. Sure, I can agree that graphics are not that important but story?
That's what I hate about him and Nintendo and that's why I believe Super Mario Galaxy didn't deserve all the 10s it recieved. Seriously, games are no longer simple like 20 years ago. Now video games are an art form and a realt work of art has to be perfect in many ways. BioShock is. Mass Effect, Orange Box and few others are almost. Super Mario Galaxy? Far from a real work of art and thus, not the GOTY worthy in my book.

I'm glad that God of War creator thinks the same and praises story in games and criticizes Mario Galaxy for lack of it.

ChickeyCantor3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

how is galaxy not an art when it comes to level design? or lets say character design? or gameplay?

there is art in many different things.
you don't need a huge story to qualify it as art.

ShadoWulf3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

While I love Nintendo, they simply refuse to put deep, meaningful stories into their games. Iwata shares Miyamoto's opinion on this. I'm a HUGE story buff. My ideal career right now would be to write video game stories. I guess I'm not getting a job at Nintendo, with the way I write, though...

I'm not saying Nintendo doesn't want any story at all, but it takes FOCUS on story to actually make a good one. If you don't go in trying to write a good story, then the story will seem lame and unfinished.

ChickeyCantor3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

then i guess you havnt played MEtroid =P.

but be honest, if the gameplay is fun, making the game fun as a whole. Why would you need a deep story?

you dont need a deep story to have a good game.
not all developers do a great job on both gameplay and story.
so i dont think all games have to be about deep storys.

Kholinar3934d ago

Kotaku's article is badly titled and badly editorialized.

Nothing he says there is any indication of a dislike of either graphics or story. He simply says that the continued path of graphical upgrades and the sort of storylines that we're used to wouldn't do anything to expand the user base significantly.

Does anyone disagree with that? If so, then address it, but don't put words in someone's mouth that aren't being said.

MK_Red3934d ago

The problem is that they show "pooh" to graphics and story in their games and strategy. Look at SMG, it's art is cool but graphically as a Wii game it's ages behind PS3 and 360 titles. Story... did you find something like it in SMG?
And then SMG ends up GOTY and wins all kinds of awards.

Kholinar3934d ago

It's a Mario game.

I know you don't feel it was that great, but I think each game company should be allowed to follow their own philosophy where a franchise is concerned. They very much feel that Mario is not about complex story lines. SPM attempted something slightly more complex and reviewers hated the story aspect.

In recent times Metroid has had far more complex story lines than ever before, and it has enriched the world greatly. I'm not sure that such an increase would greatly benefit Mario at all. In the same way, the story line in GTA is more about kitsch and ambiance than evoking any emotional reaction. In other words, story can serve art as a primary focus, story can serve as a justification for a visual or gameplay focus, or plot/story can be put aside as insignificant to the focus of art. Read up on writers like Virginia Woolf for a justification of the latter.

Sometimes I think people want so badly for videogames to be art that they scorn anything that actually serves the main purpose of the genre particularly well (without any other aspirations).

bootsielon3934d ago (Edited 3934d ago )

Because I don't hate idiots. I understand that Nintendo is successful, but saying that Graphics and Story don't matter makes you an idiot; especially when your company actually came to life THANKS TO THAT. The first Nintendo was successful because you could finally see characters with some detail when compared to Atari and its clones. Furthermore, most of us hardcore gamers because interested because Mario was the first game with a story (albeit a lame one).

This simply proves that Nintendo will ignore us hardcore gamers for a LONG time, as he seems to think there is no reason to. I'll give him a reason not to and I will not buy the Wii, and millions of hardcore gamers won't. After all, what's so hard to resist, gamecube ports, old nintendo IP and mini games? Yawn. I'm happy with my PS360.


PS3 and 360 aren't "just CPU and GPU updates". That wasn't the update from PS1 to PS2, or from SNES to PS1. The controllers did have to do something with it. BUT, it wasn't all about the controller. All consoles were revolutions, not evolutions as they didn't change in just one aspect. However, as much as Nintendo wants to call the Wii a revolution, it's actually an evolution; a very small change that delivered a one trick pony. Its advantage is being cheap, not innovative. The reason it's selling is because Nintendo are marketing geniuses, not because they made a creative product.

ChickeyCantor3934d ago

He never said they dont matter, he only stated that it will not bring new people with that.

" Targeting highly detailed graphics and epic stories are options, and in that situation, the gamer population doesn't increase."

If they just whent allong with the same formula, updating GPU and CPU, they would never have the same audience like they have now.
nor would there be any "new gamer" because the " core " already exists.

bozemanriverrat3934d ago

I'd call the PS3 and the 360 evolutions, as graphics, power, story, sound, etc etc have all drastically improved, yet the way we play the games have (for the most part) stayed exactly the same. I think the Wii is the revolution because the most dramatic change isn't in the horsepower inside the console, which is only a slight improvement, but in the way the player actually plays the game. With the Wii, Nintendo is trying to change the way we've been playing video games for the past 30 years.

Also, evolution is always pretty much a given. Everything evolves. There will always be a way to put more power into new consoles. Revolutions are forced; its one group saying "we think this way is better," and going about towards making that change. Revolutions also sometimes fail. Whereas most people would agree that most of the evolution in graphics and power in consoles are a good thing, its pretty clear that a lot of people don't agree with the revolution Nintendo is trying to bring in the way we play games.

On another note, I've got a question for you: If Nintendo are such marketing wizards, how do you explain the failures they've experienced over the past 12 to 13 years (pretty much since the end of the SNES lifecycle)?

PS360WII3934d ago

sorry bozemanriverrat I hit disagree but I don't disagree.

PS360WII3934d ago

Yea they kind of interpreted this in a way they wanted.

First of all I don't see the hopla over Bioshock. I have it I read about it and I have to force myself to play it so I can try and figure out what is so great about the same old. Bioshock is easier then SMG in terms of gameplay. I run around with the wrench for most of it and only bring out the guns for the Rosies. No fear and penalty of dieing and the graphics are too blocky to be the 'best' evar. Hacking was the only thing I liked about the game and I can get more of that gameplay on a NES game "Pipe Dreams"

That's my rant on that.

Iwata never said Story and Graphics are bad and shouldn't be done. He was saying that it doesn't do anything for the market other than shrink it down some more. People with big TV's want something worth there time with it and the user interface is what is driving people.

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