Dragonslayer And Shoot 'Em Up Hit Xbox Live Marketplace In HD

Torrence Davis of the writes:

"It's so nice to log into Xbox Live and get surprises like this. It's not even Wednesday and these 2 gems just appear under the new movies column. I was expecting to see Terminator or something in the wake of the MGM announcement. The best part of this is that they are both in HD. Dragonslayer is one of my favorite films and I have yet to see even a DVD transfer of it. I'll be downloading both of these after the CES."

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predator3996d ago

i wish they would update the uk one, its been the same for a while now. actually it hasnt updated once.

DarkSniper3996d ago

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Apocwhen3996d ago

What has this got to do with HD movies on the Xbox live marketplace?
Last time I checked the PSN Store on my PS3 it doesn't offer movies for download...