Ridge Racer Unbounded "Not all the glitters is gold" | Review [NoobFeed]

Daav from reviews Ridge Racer: Unbounded. A few key flaws stop this game from becoming what it should've been: A great reboot of the franchise. It's still great, but the indecisions between simulation and arcade create some strange and ultimately flawed elements everyone will have to judge for themselves.

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willie322294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

There are two HUGE problems with this game. The problems are:

1. Some of the shortcuts are actually longer and make you fall back a position. Are you serious?

2. There is no online community to race at all.

Daavpuke2294d ago

I agree with the shortcuts and that distraught me at first, but I think their main goal is to drastically alter your score and boost your power, not so much enhance your position. Though there are several that cut large sections of corners and such.

As for the online community, it depends. I found both to be true (empty and full races). But the lobbies are very minimal in what they offer, such is true.