Game Ranter Banter: Mass Effect 3 DLC, Rushed Games, Online Passes & OMGPOP

This week's been yet another interesting one for gamers. Once again the Mass Effect 3 ending controversy continues, as BioWare announced new (and free!) DLC to "fix" the ending and adds to the game's multiplayer. And their parent company EA's been through a lot as well, having been branded the worst company in America, while fighting off a bombardment of anti-gay letters. It can be pretty hectic, but at the end of the week there's one source of clarity: the Game Ranter Banter.

This week our writers discuss Mass Effect 3's new ending, anti-consumer practices businesses seem to love, the OMGPOP scenario, crossovers we'd like to see in the vein of MariO and the strange lack of quality in March's video game releases. Let's begin.

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