EGM Review: Xenoblade Chronicles

EGMNow - The potent combination of Xenoblade Chronicles’ setting and pedigree should’ve made the game a slam-dunk for me. After all, it’s the spiritual successor to one of my favorite PS1-era RPGs, Xenogears, a sci-fi epic that somehow managed to successfully fuse giant mechs with pretentious ruminations on Jungian philosophy and world religions. In fact, the game was so massive that it released essentially half-finished—the second disc unfolded via a series of text dumps delivered from a man sitting in a rocking chair (seriously, it actually made sense in context…or not).

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Relientk772320d ago

What? This is the lowest review I have seen for this game. All the other reviews have been 9, 9.5, and 10s

Rampaged Death2320d ago

You know why ??? It's an opinion just like everyone else has when they decide to buy a game or not.

Hicken2320d ago

That's a poor excuse. A review is supposed to be an objective view (as objective as possible) so people know exactly what to expect, and whether or not they'll want to buy the game. Adding your own opinion, tinted by your own biases, makes giving others a correct impression of what the game is very difficult.

It's about time people stopped making excuses for poor reviewing practices.

ps360wiihdera2320d ago (Edited 2320d ago )

Why you got disagreed to death for stating the truth........... will always remain a mystery.

However, I do think there may be a some bias at work in the review.

Troll-without-Bridge2320d ago

There's always the one website. The Troll.

Indigo1232320d ago

Who cares.........I am so tired of correcting reviews generalizations, falsehoods, and lies that I just dont care much about reviews anymore.....the 6.5's or the 9.5's

Ive seen just as many 9.5 reviews say dumb things about this game ( and rpgs in general) as much as this review....

camel_toad2320d ago

Yeh reviews are written by humans who can say whatever fits their mood, just like how the Bible was written by humans. Ooo I think I just did a religious trolling.

aDDicteD2320d ago

such low score on this one, it should have gotten an 8

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