Ubisoft Massive Confirms Vehicles Will Not Be Present In Far Cry 3 Multiplayer

MP1st - Ubisoft Massive Game Designer Daniel Berlin confirms that vehicles will not be present in the multiplayer of Far Cry 3.

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VanillaBear2362d ago

Thats killed it for me a bit

What the hell Ubisoft

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hiredhelp2361d ago

Nooooo WTF
Ok thats it im going to get this off my chest.... screwed this mp up, thats not the only thing.
Firstly they cant seem to understand how to make good use cryengine 3, the use of textures lighting nothing like crysis 2.
Also i preferd engine number 2 more realistic, i do however love cryengine 3 but not when used like this.
Having no vehicles tells me tells me this gonna be all small maps as shown, is this trying to be like a game we all have come to know Love or Hate? You bet your ass.
For me im going to now be very pissed off go to see what the guys think this stinks stinks real bad. I may buy fc2 again for map making mp.

chanmasta2361d ago

No vehicles + COD-like regenerating health = Much dissatisfaction for me.

Kurylo3d2359d ago

ill just say what were all thinking... this game is dead on arrival.

KeiserSosay47882362d ago

so is EVERY FPS going to try to be COD, bomb, and then try to re-invent itself? If I wanted to play COD, I would play COD. But I don't. I'll give FC2 a chance but right now it seems that it may have gone in a VERY casual direction, which I'm not personally a fan of.

GraveLord2362d ago

Has nothing to do with COD, it has more to do with limitations of current-gen hardware. Infrantry Combat is a lot easier to pull off and its less taxing on the hardware. If they lowered the graphics a bit then they'd easily be able to include vehicle combat. But I guess graphics > gameplay.

KeiserSosay47882362d ago

I'm talking about the absence of any real recoil, xp everytime you kill someone or do anything really, and fast paced nature coupled with casual friendly mechanics. Where have the HARDCORE shooters gone? Even Halo 3 could be considered hardcore compared to most FPS coming out now. Easy to learn, difficult to master. That's what I want.

Gran Touring2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

If its hardware limitations then they should have them in the PC version at least right? and support more players then?

I really don't like how many games this generation with newer iterations always choose to subsidize player counts to create a more "action-oriented" multiplayer. I had loads more fun with Crysis 1 when it supported 32 players and all vehicle types, than I did with Crysis 2 that supported...perks and killstreaks.

edit: @KeiserSosay4788 couldn't agree more. +bub

KeiserSosay47882362d ago

@Gran Touring

COMPLETELY AGREE. How many PC franchises going to consoles not only lower player counts but also TAKE AWAY FEATURES? Don't tell me it's the hardware, because MAG supported 256 players and had features that were very familiar with BF2 players. Crysis/ Loses prone, super sprint,super jump, and player count. BF/ loses prone(bc2), Commander, airstrikes, large maps(half of BF3 maps WERE designed for 24 players)...Even Call of Duty got scrubbed, for those that think COD4 was the first in the series, lol. The only FPS that I believe has kept it's original nature on consoles was Rainbow six. Sure it added a few present mechanics but Vegas MP was STILL R6 online. PERIOD. btw, I'm not including sp structure because of course the planning aspects were shelved for the console versions.

Here's what I'm getting at. It isn't the hardware that is simplifying these games. It's the fact that the simple/easy/casual games are selling the most(obviously to kids); companies see this and replicate it OVER AND's the same situation with most "radio" rock bands sounding like Nickleback (ugh!)...when something is popular everything else follows and the niche crowd gets the shaft. Unfortunately for us, the niche crowd for hardcore games is HUGE. So alot of people feel like we're getting the shaft.

kris95122361d ago

SO they're going to be taken out of created maps? That's what made them fun!

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