Five Things Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Needs: If I Had My Way

Mike.M @ Addicted-Gamers writes:

"Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 has yet to receive an official announcement, but it is a foregone conclusion that it will be the next annual release for this coming November. There has been plenty of speculation on the game, including recently leaked multiplayer details. Where does Treyarch go with what is sure to be the blockbuster release of 2012?"

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JonahNL2320d ago

1. Ranked dedicated servers.

2. Good optimization.

3. Everything that Black Ops had, like Wager Matches, but even better.

4. A good weapon balance.

5. Free DLC.

GraveLord2320d ago

1. Dedicated servers means a short life for the game. Having P2P ensure servers will stay open as long as there are people playing it.
2. It's already optimized good on consoles. Runs fine for me(except it's frozen twice this past week which is odd)
3. I agree but Wager matches were stale. The money we spend didn't really matter sine it was so little. We didn't even have anything to spend it on once we hit max level.
4. Of course.
5. Keep Dreaming.

Mutant-Spud2319d ago

Put Gun Game in the main playlist, integrate all parts of the game under one XP system like Reach and Gears, score multiplayer based arcade modes for campaign with leaderboards, speed run challenges for campaign.
Black Ops is my favourite military shooter thus far but it's looking like the new MOH is going to give it a run for it's money, Battlefield I can take or leave, personally I don't find the vehicles much fun.
In terms of overall usability and presentation I still think Halo is the better game but I'm not proficient enough for it to be fun.

JonahNL2319d ago

Well, I'm primarily talking about the PC version here, so dedicated servers are a must-have. I refuse to deal with the lag compensation MW3 had in P2P.

I don't necessarily agree with the longer life span, because Call of Duty 4 still has tons of servers, although I can't deny that's because they're free, as opposed to Black Ops' servers.

Black Ops' optimisation on PC was horrendous. Even with a beefy rig the game could still run like utter shit.

About the Wager Matches; I didn't play it for the money. I played it for the fun of it. I really, really missed them in MW3.

And yes, free DLC is something we will never get, but I can always hope.

Soldierone2320d ago

Easy, take everything MW3 changed and throw it out the door. Bring back MW2 aspects and the BO/MW2 map styles. fix the crummy spawn points (likes BO did for the most part) and get rid of the free killstreak perks....

Ill be buying on Vita, if its good ill buy the ps3 version too.

SecretPsycho2320d ago

The kill/pointstreak system was a pretty good idea though so that might work

Soldierone2320d ago

I'm talking about the "you get it no matter what" crap. No, actually put skill in the game...

SecretPsycho2320d ago

You say put skill in then say bring mw2 aspects...that was just an explosion fest

Jake_the_Dog2319d ago

Have the same sniping as black ops, were it actually takes some skill to snipe someone and not just a quick scoping fest.