Alienware AAR4-1428BK Desktop – 6% OFF

Are you in the market for a new gaming PC that will allow you to destroy the competition? Look no further than the Alienware AAR4-1428BK Desktop PC. This mean machine will have you playing all the latest PC titles in all their glory.

Intel i7 3820 Quad-core Processor 3.6GHz (3.9GHz with Turbo Boost Technology)
2TB 7200RPM SATA Hard Drive
AMD Radeon HD 6870 1GB (supports AMD CrossFireX technology)

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NYC_Gamer2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

I don't recommend anyone to buy that machine....please just take the time to build your own rig its cheaper plus could add way better hardware for the price of that Alienware garbage.

FlameBaitGod2324d ago

Their cheaper than apple for what they offer + you probably never have even bought one of their products, I have. Yeah, you can build the same computer for much less but to say they are garbage you are way off.

Ravenor2324d ago

OMG dude, really? It's almost 2 grand and it's rocking a 6870 and no SSD, no mention of the motherboard manufacturer or anything else for that matter.

We can build the same computer and at the same time be assured that we buy the highest quality items for our PC, while at the same time saving money. It doesn't matter if you purchased 1 or 1000 Alienware PC's, it's not good value.

FlameBaitGod2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Did you not read what I said or are you retarded ?

"Yeah, you can build the same computer for much less"

When did I say its a good value ?

If you bought alienware products you would know their parts are from quality brands cus they haven't failed me(I only buy their laptops, I build my own desktop rigs)

Ravenor2324d ago

So, you're talking about the build quality of Laptops...when this is a poorly configured Desktop. We are discussing the value of this product being advertised here. You come prancing in proclaiming that Alienware products are well built using high quality parts...then admit to only owning a LAPTOP.

Your Laptop doesn't mean anything in this discussion, for all intents and purposes when discussing laptops you're perfectly in the clear to buy a Alienware laptop.

This desktop is shit, buying OEM "Boutique" desktops from companies that have been bought up and are no longer independent is incredibly STUPID. I will also ask you once, don't insult my intelligence when you can't tell the difference between a discussion about the value of a Desktop and a Laptop.

pandehz2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

Alienware is pretty awesome.

I have had one for 2 yrs now and they only started failing me like 2 months ago. 24 hrs replacement of all parts. Not really failing, just some lights and for that I got a whole bunch of replacements. :D

Got free upgrades :D

Their service easily covers all you spend on it.

I had my MB changed for free to the new version.

My graphics card got 1 paid upgrade last year for 50 quid and this year a free upgrade to gtx 460m. win win

went from 4gb to 8 gb ram for 23 quid.

Till date theyve changed my laptop's:

speakers, lights panel,motherboard, ram, graphics card-all for free that too within a span of 1 week.

Their service and priority to alienware customers is impressive. I now have 2 yrs warranty left so I know im safe for a long time and if there are new parts I can upgrade for really cheap for the refurbished version ones and dont really have to buy them for full price.

The truth about it tho is that it is still fairly more expensive than custom built comps. Only difference and the big difference is I never have to worry about my comp getting screwed up, coz I know its gonna be shiny and new in 24 hrs. While custom parts have warranty for separate parts and have to deal with each part separatley. For AW its one free email and thats all. They'll call you and arrange a date and everythings sorted.

I had a custom comp 2 yrs ago and I went through hell on the 2nd and 3 rd yr of that machines life so I know.
Now that Im working professional as a video editor I find it safer to have a good service sort me out without my work getting compromised.

-MD-2325d ago

LOL that price is insane for those specs. You could build that computer yourself for half the price.

Smashbro292324d ago

I am in the process of building a vastly superior computer. Only difference is no alien logo. Oh and it was way cheaper.

dirthurts2324d ago

Alienware lost any cred it had when Dell bought them out...
Now they are just overpriced, and underpowered.
But I guess if you want a fancy chasis with a neat logo, this is your rig...
I'll build my own like a big boy.

FlameBaitGod2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

They might of been bought by dell but they haven't changed their quality. I love people in here talking so much and they don't even own their products. You know you can built a comp with the same specs as another one but one does have better manufacturer parts. There's dozens of brands out there that make computer parts.

You said underpowered ?
Have you actually compared their desktops and laptops vs other brands ?

Care to give out some examples since you know.

Smashbro292324d ago

No its just for that price a little research and asking around on places like eggxpert I can build a much higher quality PC for much cheaper and I can easily swap out parts to stay up to date.

dirthurts2324d ago

Just a little FYI, I'm a computer technician ( I build and repair computers). I know the alienware quality very well.
They're decent computers, but no where near worth their cost. They tend to use cheaper components, not the best stuff.
A custom build can be built from Sapphire, ASUS and HIS components(the good stuff).
With Alienware, you get a mixed bag meant to cut cost and save Dell money.

Norad62324d ago

Just build your own rig people. It's not as hard as it looks.

sak5002324d ago

I have been building PCs since 97 but they are still tricky, especially when putting everything in the case. It's not work for average joe but experienced gamers should not have a problem assembling one. Since this PC is targeted at gamers, they would know that it's not a good deal.

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