First Gameplay Screens from Mirror's Edge

Mirror's Edge is a complex first-person action adventure set in a dangerous open world and boasting tremendous levels of freedom and interactivity. Digital Illusion's DICE Sweden team is creating the game. A NeoGAF member has posted these two gameplay scans from the Edge Magazine.

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MK_Red3992d ago

Super awesome find. I had completely forgotten about this game but it's from a superb dev and has many ambitious ideas.
Looks interesting and really stylish.

MrSwede3992d ago

It's supposed to have some parkour thing to it. More focus on the person than the gun. Looks cool and unique!

MK_Red3992d ago

True. I remember some sketches and info from preview / interview.
Parkour rules (Assassin's Creed FTW) and Mirror's Edge seems to be even more revolutionary and mindblowing.

mullet3992d ago

I read about it while doing some research on Battlefield: Bad Company. Looks interesting.

Skerj3992d ago

Breakdown comes to mind when I think of this game, offically back on my radar.

NanoGeekTech3992d ago

was a pretty cool game...I have never heard of Mirrors Edge

Salvadore3992d ago

Wow, looks very awesome.

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