ZTGD | We Got a Peek Inside the Mind of Lollipop Chainsaw's Suda 51

Mike Futter writes: When the N4G Podcast team shared our individual top picks for 2011, Shadows of the Damned surprisingly crept up on more than a couple of top 10 rosters. OK… maybe it wasn’t so surprising after all. Combining Goichi Suda’s (you might know him better as Suda51) narrative sculpting with Shinji Mikami’s storied history as a gameplay designer was a recipe for success.

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LoaMcLoa2321d ago

"I wanna ride a cow!"
"You gonna ride a cow...?"
"Don't be racist!!"

x) The script is genius

TheGuardianFID2321d ago

I am now dumber for having watched that, but hey it looks like fun lol. 8P 8D

ritsuka6662321d ago

What happened to you games japan? -___-