Halo Community Members Establish Videogame Development Studio

Today, UK development studio Xitol Softworks has come out of the woodwork with their debut project, Zone: The Battleground. Releasing the first official concept art from the forthcoming videogame, Xitol Softworks are keen to establish the Zone universe as fertile ground for many videogame exploits.

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TekoIie1543d ago

wish them good luck for the future :)

KMCROC541543d ago

Sweet may you become the next great delveloper & remain indepent.

Grap1543d ago

he look like master chief come on u don't copy others game

mathsman1543d ago

I don't think it's specifically Chief, but it is just typical sci-fi space guy.

aPerson1543d ago

Being huge fans of Halo, their concept art is obviously going to be influenced by Halo. There is nothing wrong with inspiration.

Whore_Mouth1542d ago

Looks like some people don't want others to succeed.

Young_ART1542d ago TrollingShowReplies(1)
Whore_Mouth1542d ago

This looks great. Best of luck to you all in the future.

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