Digital Foundry - Face-Off: Ninja Gaiden 3

David Bierton writes:

"All in all Ninja Gaiden 3 generally favours the PlayStation 3, although not without a few compromises along the way. Texture detail and filtering is pared back on a couple of occasions, while frame-rates are generally slightly lower during gameplay. On the other hand, when taking into account the significantly reduced amount of screen tear and the superior frame-rate of the cut-scenes, overall performance is slightly better on the platform. While basic smoothness is compromised for the sake of image consistency, in this case we find it to be the lesser of two evils, and the result is an experience which is a little more consistent across the board."

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andron6662356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

I'm particularly vexed about the on disc size, less than 4 gigs. They certainly can't blame disc space for not including more weapons or content...

Edit: After reading the whole article i have to say isn't a technical marvel and looks dated in comparison to other games. Even compared to earlier versions this is a step back in terms of look and performance..

Khronikos2356d ago

The disc size is indeed pathetic. One has to wonder if this game was even developed for next gen and why so much compression was used. I mean, ffs, even if we cannot tell the difference you can at least use the space for a lesser compressed game.

andron6662356d ago

Yeah, this seems like a rushed game no matter how you look at it. Definitely a strong contender to most disappointing game of the year...