Firefall “not a pay-to-win model - fun comes first” PAX East 2012

Gamers Nexus: "You know someone’s a gamer when their first instinct is to start jumping on things: Lampposts, fences, buildings, NPCs – and, in the case of Firefall, roaming packs of enemy players in a cataclysmic arena. The last one, unlike its preceding brethren, resulted in the death of many a red-armor-wearing opponent. None survive the death-from-aboves performed by my beastly character, Mr. Cotton, wearer of fearsome pink armor."

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ATi_Elite2357d ago

Most F2P games are not pay to win!

Companies make a ton of money just having gamers pay for cosmetic things like Hats (Team Fortress 2 makes like a Billion dollars a year on hat sales)!

also most offer in game credits that you earn by winning or whatever and those credits can be used to buy or rent in game items.

and from experience most rented weapons are more balanced than the gimped/nerfed guns you buy!