Feature: The Super Mario Renaissance

Nintendo Life's Philip J Reed talks about the Super Mario Renaissance, arguing that the range of titles in the series on the current and most recent console generations is as good as ever before.

'The Wii and DS titles have allowed Nintendo unprecedented freedom to explore and broaden the limits of what Mario games can do — and how we define them.'

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Indigo1232294d ago

It has by far been the best gen for mario ever

mario galaxy 1
mario galaxy 2
new super mario bros
new super mario bros wii
mario and luigi partners in time
mario and luigi bowsers inside story
super paper mario
mario vs donkey kong 2
mario vs donkey kong 3
mario vs donkey kong 4
mario party 9
mario kart wii
mario kart ds
super princess peach ( mario is involved)
yoshi's island 2 ( mario is involved)
smash bros brawl ( mario is the main character)