Asura's Wrath and the scourge of QTE

It’s perhaps safe to say that Asura’s Wrath is an acquired taste and won’t appeal to absolutely everyone. It’s garnered a mixture of reviews – with some praising its plot and graphical style and others bemoaning the lack of actual gameplay. The reason? Most of its brief playthrough consists of cinematic cutscenes and, the bain of many gamers… the dreaded quick time event (QTE). For decades, the maniacal thumping of buttons and wiggling of sticks in time with onscreen prompts has proliferated gaming – to differing degrees of success. And Capcom’s latest epic is no different.

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ShaunCameron2356d ago

I actually found the QTE fairly easy to do with the PS3 version of Asura's Wrath. Maybe it was because its button layout was easier to remember than had I bought the XBox 360 version where I still can't get the old SNES button layout out of my head.