The 5 Most Shameful Achievements

We love achievements and trophies here at Megabits, so much so that we devote every Tuesday to talking about them. Nevertheless, not every point of Gamerscore is worth having. Check out the five achievements that say bad things about you:

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Bimkoblerutso2175d ago

Tsch. I aint ashamed of my DoAX2 achievements. One word to any woman that I got 'Complete Collection'...let's just say I aint gonna be lonely that night.

ShadowSniper2175d ago

Haha well kudos to u.. here's a cookie (::)

d3nworth12175d ago

Every time I see an article with shameful in the title Dead or Alive is almost always in there.

rataranian2174d ago

In Japan DOA is like god.

Soldierone2174d ago

Eat Lead trophy is lame, but I enjoyed the game. A lot of smart remarks towards other games, it made it fun.

KidBroSweets22174d ago

The 30 year dynasty is actually not bad. All you have to do is simulate every season. I have my real dynasty and I started one just to simulate and do that. No one actually does the 30 year dynasty. It gets far too boring when there is no real players anymore. The most I've legitimately done is 10 years and then I start over.

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