Discussion: Where Next For The Legend of Zelda?

The Legend of Zelda recently celebrated it's 25th Anniversary. With a spectacular array of new Zelda games and old games re-released! But the series now seems to have halted with few new games on the horizon...

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Kingdom Come2362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

If Nintendo want the WiiU to be taken more seriously at it's re-unveiling at E3 2012, we NEED to see the console running a game as stunning as the Zelda tech demo demonstrated last year.

Technologically, Zelda has plenty of room for improvement and if Nintendo where being honest with their tech demonstration last year, they can contribute to the franchises stunning artistic approach with amazing tech...

PopRocks3592362d ago

No thanks. I like Nintendo games on Nintendo tech.

Also both of those are going to end their development cycles in a year or two.

Ck1x2362d ago

Not to mention that Sony and Microsoft fans are so quick to say that Nintendo makes nothing but games for kids and soccer moms, but in the same breath they would like to see Nintendo franchises on ps3 or 360! We call them hypocrites... It Makes no sense whatsoever! If a company makes great games then they just make great games, period.

ForROME2362d ago

retirement link has had enough

mike1up2362d ago


Nintendo said that we won't have to wait as long between titles, so I hope that that is true. We know that the next Zelda will use the WiiU pad, and Nintendo hinted at DLC.

Zelda 3DS is the big mystery. A Majora's Mask remake would be nice too.

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