Toshiba Soldiers On With HD DVD-R/RW Notebook

Despite the recent string of bad news, Toshiba introduces new HD DVD-based products

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resistance1003969d ago

Oh good god why? Give it a rest toshiba, you've had a good run, but hollywood doesn't want to embrace your format. Heck Even your friend universal refused to comment on whenever they are staying with you?

Just leave now, save some money and pride

Filanime033969d ago

Oh crap another news about toshiba releasing an HDDVD product resistance is right enough is enough. Go make some blu-ray players now toshiba u don't stand a chance after May of this year when warner goes blu all the way. Oh and especially when Paramount and Dreamworks will end their contract by the end of this year. U only have Universal and u guys can DINE IN HELL HEHEH.

Frulond3969d ago

I guess they are doing the right thing as a company standing out for their interests but... this is over, and they will just end up with a bunch of laptops in the trash. Hopefully they wont be dumb enough and do as DELL letting their costumers personalize their machines and not making it a standard (hopefully)

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The story is too old to be commented.