Far Cry 3: New Multiplayer Footage from PAX 2012

Check out some new Far Cry 3 multiplayer footage from PAX 2012.

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F7U122355d ago

The god rays look sexy hell. Is this console footage? I'm pretty shocked/impressed with the visuals they were able to achieve with the current hardware.

S_C2355d ago

Yeah this is console footage look around the 1:50 mark or just before you can see the buttons.

RevXM2354d ago (Edited 2354d ago )

Well the title pretty much says its 360 footage. But you know a lot of pc games supports the 360 controller as a standard. So for all we know it could have been PC footage.

But I don't think it is pc footage, the people behind FC2 definitively is skilled enough to make a tip top looking game like this even on consoles (From what I can tell from the 480p video anyways). When Im thinking back at the previous game and FC3 gameplay demos etc I feel that there is no need to fool anyone to believe its prettier than it is. Console footage from before looked awesome apart from a bit screentearing. So with that in mind PC gameplay would have been played the good old way... with mouse and keyboard.

I cant wait to see it maxed on a pc... Should look damn fine.

Neo Nugget2355d ago

I wasn't aware this had multiplayer :o

clearelite2355d ago (Edited 2355d ago )

Totally doesn't remind me of any other FPS on the market....

slaton242355d ago

your right it doesnt it looks way better than any of those other CoD clones...this game looks amazing i know you were being sarcastic and comparing it to cod like every else these days but man with a map editor who needs to compare there will be tons of maps cant wait sept

Ninjamonkey822355d ago

End of the day its the map editor that will set this game apart fom COD if the good maps get pushed forward. There will be an endless supply off good materal to play on free of charge.

COD slits its own throat tbh every year playing the same game and charging way to much. People are still obivously buyinginto this style of game. So give them a better looking game an editor and bobs your uncle ?.

Cosmo8112355d ago

Multiplayer looks simple and fun, but it's the singleplayer I'm buying this for.

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