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Submitted by BrashGames 1402d ago | opinion piece

In Defence Of: Need for Speed: The Run - Brash Games

Brash Games writes "We appreciate that everyone is entitled to their opinion, but really, some of the reviews of The Run were just flat out scathing. It’s hardly without fault, but The Run at least tries to do something new with a genre that is all too famous for its myriad of ‘me too’ releases". (3DS, Need For Speed: The Run, PC, PS3, Wii, Xbox 360)

morkendo23  +   1402d ago
point blank "THE RUN" sucks!!!! not even criterions HP was good
a Good NFS has not been made since HOTPURSUIT 2
ikral  +   1402d ago
HP was decent game, fun and good looking, but Shift 2 is Great! So many tracks and exciting gameplay, plus autolog, just the stuff that GT5 misses. It could be better, yes, but so could GT5 and Forza. Watch for Project C.A.R.S.
tee_bag242  +   1402d ago
The original need for speed with its digitized graphics was the best in my books.

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