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Submitted by BrashGames 1404d ago | opinion piece

Can the Wii U Compete?

Brash Games writes "With recent reports from developers placing Nintendo’s forthcoming console behind both the PS3 and 360 in terms of raw horsepower, We are starting to get a little worried about the Wii U’s prospects". (Wii U)

Shok  +   1405d ago
Anyone who thinks the Wii U will actually be weaker than 6-7 year-old hardware is just silly.

The main thing that people need to understand is that is doesn't take much to out-do the hardware that's in the 360 and PS3. Both consoles used low-end processors for their day. You can buy a GPU from 2008 or even 2007 and it would severely out-class what's in the PS3 and 360.

You can buy a $70 GPU today that's 4-6x stronger, and with a company order parts in masses it would cost even less for them.

Bottom line is, at the end of the day, Nintendo can make an decently priced console that is decently powered.
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LX-General-Kaos  +   1404d ago
While I do agree with what you said. Its about time for us to relax and let these speculation doom articles slide. There are going to be about 6 or 7 of these a day until E3. So theres no need to continue the debate until E3 2012. It happened with the Nintendo 3DS entertainment console, it happened with the Vita, and now it has carried over to the Nintendo Wii U entertainment console.

Im pretty sure the specs will be great enough to allow all of our Nintendo dreams to be realized. There will be many AAA Nintendo exclusives titles, and the console will exceed our expectations. The controller will likely go on to revolutionize gaming as Nintendo always does with every new generation of gaming consoles. The hardware will be amazing enough to put a smile on the faces of the millions and millions of elite Nintendo gamers worldwide. Also selling to a point to give Nintendo a profit so they wont be forced to sell at a loss like the competition has in previous generations

So with that said. Lets let all of the speculation, and doom articles come and go just as they do for every new console cycle. We will have the real debate when we are presented with proof and facts come this E3 2012. Nintendo will prove yet again that the exclusive Nintendo experience is an experience worth investing in.

well said by the way.

You seem to be a very educated Nintendo gamer, and that is respected.

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Shok  +   1404d ago
True, you're right. +Bub
Kos-Mos  +   1404d ago
You`ll gain no +bubbles or agree`s from me even though you`re right until you remove your signature.
LX-General-Kaos  +   1404d ago

From the looks of things i dont really need anything from you, you can actually use my help. And since you understand the point I am going to bubble you up anyway. I am glad that another fellow gamer sees the light. I hope that you also have an amazing time with the experiences that the Nintendo Wii U entertainment console provides for you later this year.

+bubble for helpful

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DarkSniper  +   1404d ago
Dark Sniper will gladly admit that Nintendo are veterans and pioneers within the gaming industry. They certainly do have the experience to compete in any console cycle and any generation.

The Nintendo Wii-U surely has stiff competition with the future consoles pending release. Dark Sniper fully expects next generation to launch with a clear frontrunner for home console supremacy. 2012 will decide the fate of the Wii-U. E3 2012 will reveal the truth of many rumors.

Dark Sniper has a strong idea on who he thinks will win next generation. It will be very interesting to see if Nintendo's Wii-U can compete with the current and next generation consoles.

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PopRocks359  +   1404d ago
We've reached a time in gaming where I think Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo all have designated audiences. I doubt that the Wii U cannot compete because Nintendo has its audience. It's part of the same crowd that boosted the 3DS through Mario games.
Hicken  +   1403d ago
Only it's not.

I mean, the 3DS crowd is primarily the same crowd as the DS crowd, which was the same crowd as the Wii crowd: casual.

This isn't to say that there aren't core adopters of these systems, but I believe it's safe to say that there are more casual gamers in the ranks of current Nintendo product owners than not, ESPECIALLY when it comes to the Wii.

By their own admission, though, the WiiU is aimed at the core market. Sony's focus- the core- is unlikely to change, though they've at least gotten around to acknowledging the casual market. Microsoft's current audience is the casual market, but it's hard to guess whether they'll carry that into the next generation, or shift their focus back to the core.

I think the WiiU will survive primarily on its name- and the prospect of Nintendo's core franchises- until its identity is established. If it's as core as intended, I don't think it'll see the sales the Wii has, but I think it'll still do well.
PopRocks359  +   1403d ago
Then why did Resident Evil: Revelations and Kid Icarus: Uprising sell as well as they did? The DS and 3DS identified with both casual and core crowds. I see no reason why the Wii U can't do the same.
pucpop  +   1404d ago
quad core smartphone is more powerful than current consoles, just sayin
I_am_Batman  +   1404d ago
Sure it is. Show me one smartphone game that can compete with current gen games on any technological aspect.
Indigo123  +   1404d ago
of course it will compete……………in fact its going to be number 1 in the gen…………anyone who would write this blog, doesnt know gaming

people right off EVERY nintendo system............

they wrote off the ds, the wii, the 3ds........what else is new?

And the wii might not have alot of third party support but it has the only game that matyters aka dq X
Grimhammer00  +   1404d ago
I laugh at all this speculation.
Let's say WiiU is on par of "higher" than PS720...

What of Ninny's online infrastructure? Have they given any evidence that they can become the next LIVE?

Looking at today's economy...It not an ideal climate for new hardware. I can see all 3 consoles underperforming in an attempt to cut costs.
Indigo123  +   1404d ago
Why isnt this being reported?


Nintendo likes the name Wii U and wants to keep it, but apparently someone or some company woke up really late in the game and has been giving them trademark issues about using the letter U in the name. Because of this Nintendo have been thinking of a Plan B but I was told that it’s rare for Nintendo lose a legal battle. Whatever the outcome, Nintendo really like the name Wii and want to make sure it’s somehow part of the final name. At E3 we’ll see whatever gets settled upon over the next two months.

- The recent “rumors” about the Wii U being weaker than PS3 and 360? Apparently, they are far from the truth and Nintendo isn’t happy with the ‘analyst’ that had a vendetta against them enough to spread false rumors. The rumors apparently have scared off investors and downgraded Nintendo’s stock rating. Investors are waiting until E3 to have a better idea of what lies in store for the Wii U rather than buying in advance to E3 to have a leg up for when the hype begins to soar.

- The lead-up to the Wii U’s final reveal has been something of a roller-coaster. Nintendo made the strict NDA embargoes go far too long this time and it’s somewhat their own fault that so much confusion abounds in regard to the Wii U’s technology. But, Nintendo is hoping it will all be worth it when everything is finally announced. For now, the top-tier publishers with full access to the final dev kits are keeping their mouths shut tight even in the face of negative rumors.

- Is the release date November 18? Even if that date came from a Nintendo board meeting it’s not final. There is no set date yet. Discussions are taking place and November 18 can be the final outcome, but for now not even Nintendo has come to a conclusion.

- What about the haptics bio-feedback rumor? Apparently, it is true that Nintendo have looked into it and discussed it with the relevant companies but that doesn’t mean it’s anything concrete. I guess we’ll have to wait until E3 to see if Nintendo went with it in the end.

Notice the second one
LX-General-Kaos  +   1404d ago
+bubbles for the good find.

Even though I still believe we shouldnt keep defending and buying into the rumors, this was still a good read. E3 is very soon and we will have all the proof and facts that we need for a proper discussion.

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PopRocks359  +   1404d ago
Why? Because it's easy for morons to hate on Nintendo. And because people on the internet are fickle and stupid enough to believe crap rumors like that.
Ck1x  +   1404d ago
In my opinion this next generation is gearing up technically to be like the ps2/GC/Xbox era of gaming. Each system was different, with one being more powerful than the next. But it didn't stop each from having its very own gaming experiences that may have been similar across each 3 consoles. Or the fact that the GC being technically superior to ps2 produced Resident Evil 4, but that didn't stop ps2 from getting the game as well!
Digimortal  +   1404d ago
Yes, PS2 did get RE 4 but that's what made Shinji Mikami quit the series. He hated Capcom for porting that game over to the PS2.

Nintendo has more things to worry about then "Specs". They need to gain 3rd party support back, they need to make sure there Online is up to par or better then Sony's or Microsoft's online.

One thing i do believe is, is that 3rd party devs will be more then happy to support the Wii U, even if the PS4 and Xbox 720 is more powerful. Take the Wii for example, look at how many "great games" that are NOT first party related that 3rd party developers released for the Wii. Quite a lot, and don't tell me there wasn't, cause there was a lot of great games. My point is, i believe Devs will have no problem creating "New ips" for the Wii U that they won't bother making for the PS4 and Xbox 720. Of course we will see Games that come out for all the systems but i believe we will see a lot more "New IPS" be released just like the Wii did. With a mix of casual stuff as well to keep that Market that Nintendo already has by the book intact.

Now of course you can argue that if they do make "New IPS" it will prob end up being another Wii all over again with nothing but Shovelware. I don't believe that will happen this time. Of course there will be Shovelware on the system as all other systems have had in the past. More then others, yet lets not forget that the major complaint that Devs had towards the Wii was the lack of power. Now i know i said that Specs don't matter, however with all the positive feedback that devs have been giving the Wii U in terms of specs has been extreme well recieved. We never heard this kinda feedback when the Wii was first announced (At least i can't recall any that is). Point being, is that i can see Devs really working close to Nintendo this time around way more then the Wii did this Generation. Think about it, with a more "Open Online Experience" that Nintendo is giving devs to work with. Can open up huge doors for Devs to get New IPS out there and hell even start the Evolution of the MMORPG generation that i believe will play a HUGE impact with the Wii U. Hell we are already starting to see it with games like Dragon Quest X, Ghost Recon Online, Unannouced MMO from Ubisoft (Rumored) World of Warcraft (Rumored) and of course with the newest rumor, Lucas Art making an MMO for it.

Now of course i can't say the same will happen with the next Sony or Microsoft Console. Yet you need to take in to account what happen with Sony this gen with the whole PSN attack, and Microsoft having quite a bit of a strict online for devs to use with there Online games. I believe Sony will go heavy with there Online security and not be so open with it, and Microsoft will just stay best at what they do. However anything is possible at this time.

Now of course, the online aspect for Nintendo can lead to Trouble as well BUT, with that new technology that they confirmed back in January when they announced that the Controller will have a Near field communication (NFC) feature built in. This can be used if they allow it of course, for us to use our Credit Cards/Debit Cards to make purchase of the Nintendo Store. So no need to put in valid Credit Card Info.

I believe that the Wii U has a lot more to it then meets the eye (no Pun intended :P) This is why i can't wait for E3 cause i know I'm going to be Blown away by what Nintendo does. Plus understand that Nintendo reads all the Negative feedback and Positive feedback we post about and read all Articles related to the Wii U. So they are keeping a Close eye on that. No i don't work for Nintendo, but they pretty much have came out and said they do that in the past and prob still do it to this day.

end rant.
Ck1x  +   1403d ago
Lol! I did read your whole rant and then I got to the end thinking, who was he responding to? because it had a defensive overtone to it, as if I stated something negative about the Wiiu. The only reason I brought up ps2/GC/Xbox era was not to detract from Nintendo in any form. It was simply meant to point out to all of these people believing that ps4 & 720 will be such magnitudes greater than Wiiu, that it will be left behind as a result... That's why I stated, to me this new next gen will be very close like that once again. Where the power from console to console will be almost negligible, as each will no doubt have great gaming experiences on each!
Digimortal  +   1403d ago
The first part about RE 4 was related to you. The rest was just in General. :D
jacen100  +   1403d ago
Its gonna do more than compete its gonna raise the bar and set standards for the rest of this new generation to compete against or more to the point copy perhaps?
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