Modern Warfare 3 PS3 Elite DLC to Release on April 12th

MP1st - Call 0f Duty Elite drops 4, 5, and 6 will release on April 12th for PS3 Modern Warfare 3 owners.

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Kenshin_BATT0USAI2055d ago (Edited 2055d ago )

Why bother at this point? Activision really dropped the ball with this. There shouldn't have been timed exclusivity for the DLC.

Especially due to the nature of this being an annul release type of game.

Neko_Mega2055d ago

Happy I don't have to pay for each add on, got Elite free.

Blacksand12055d ago

Yes you have it for free but if you stop paying will you have your content after your year run out. I don't have elite because Activision don't care about Sony owner's if you have elite and paying your money you should get it the same time Xbox get there's.

GraveLord2055d ago

You get to keep all the Elite content even when your sub runs out. You did pay for it after all.