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"Ninja Gaiden 3 would have been a bad game by 2004 standards. By today’s standards, it’s downright embarrassing. It’s almost baffling how many steps back this game has taken from the Itagaki-directed prequels, and just goes to show how important a strong, guiding vision is for game development. Ninja Gaiden 3 holds a few interesting ideas hidden within, but the sacrifice of a coherent storyline and well-designed gameplay is far from a worthy trade-off." - Jake Weston, gamrReview

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Lord_Sloth2207d ago

The storyline is coherent, it's just not brain dead like previous entries!

Seraphim2207d ago

looks like someone failed to finish the game before writing, Lol... Or like so many others, just forgot how bland NG, NG2 & Sigmas were. Going back to play Sigma 2 I'm left scratching my head overall compared to 3. Of course there's still some things to praise. I can take some things in 3 that were a nice change while often the littlest things, Muramasa Shops, Chests, were sorely missed in 3... Story, while not the best VO or CS the story in 3 was actually very good........