Battlefield 3 DICE servers now complicated to find

InEnt writes: Some gamers claim you can search “DICE” to find all the official servers, but it seems this is not the answer thanks to people naming their servers DICE, although you can see their gametag before joining to see if it’s not an official server. The answer is better options to choose between rented servers and official DICE servers, small changes would make a big difference like being able to filter the rent-a-server’s from your browse server list.

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danswayuk2363d ago

They really need to add new filters for finding official DICE servers.

ATi_Elite2363d ago

and this is why i game on private servers!

it's funny that a hand full of people can make server tools and Filters better than a huge highly paid and funded Studio like DICE!

128 player, Conquest mode, No Usas are just some of the filters i generally use.

Colonel_Dante2363d ago

Its getting terribly annoying, as is using the quick game option.. getting thrown into plus 1500 ticket games are not fun..
Have freakin kids taken over the darn game now?

f7897902363d ago

Apparently. I hate the servers that autoban you if you curse in an M rated game where the characters curse.

There are some awesome servers out there though. Especially the ones where you can vote. If you have all of your friends together you essentially get to decide what is played next.

Mr-Zex2363d ago

What in the name of god are you on about? Having games with massive ticket counts, especially on Air Maps and Karkand, is amazingly enjoyable! It's what the core experience of BF3 is, if you were a BF2 (And not BFBC 2) vet, you'd know what Im talking about.

Soldierone2363d ago

Played both of those and even I have to admit that some of the long ticket counts can drag on forever....Get stuck in a Caspian Boarder match with a crap ton of tickets and both teams suck at doing anything and its like just end already....

That and I keep getting stuck in servers that have "rules" when I don't want to play in them. Or servers with only one the whole "quick play" option is getting annoying. It should only connect you to servers that don't have custom things on at all.

Blader232363d ago

if any of you is on PS3 i have hosted a server with normal tickets like DICE servers and all maps

Server Name: D 2/130(DCO)Clan Server

just tryna help...

Colonel_Dante2363d ago

To be honest, there are some servers that are ok, but there are the ones with names like "Normal Server Before Patch Ruined Game" etc..
Ive seen servers that have racist and inappropriate names, like one called Nazi Server germans only, or Arabs Only servers. Or whatever..
Just seems like kids have completley taken over the custom servers. Wading through the trash to get to an official server is hectic, with "fake" official server names being ever present like "[DICE] Official Server 7689947589" in their names, only to click on it and see it says Owned By :Immature kid..

Its worse that ticket counters arent avalible when looking at map specs before games..

danswayuk2363d ago

More control is needed with these servers, and this should be staffed from the money paid for them.

Soldierone2363d ago

I hated this to begin with. Your own servers? Cool, but this its one of the few reasons I stopped playing on PC. People get all anal about "their server" and kick you for simply being good, or not using the "right" weapon...its like seriously?

i was fine with them letting people host servers, but ranked ones? Honestly 24 hour Metro servers totally ruin any point to the stat tracking AT ALL and I said that and all you do is get ripped apart by the new Battlefield people which are just the ignorant COD drones that got brought over. "Dont like it dont play on it" You see thats THE PROBLEM, I don't play on it and you skyrocket passed me because your getting handed free ribbons and points. Normally it'd be hard to earn some of the ribbons and you'd be lucky to get ONE, I get on and finished with like 50 + ribbons in one match, I wanted to hand all the points back and say no thank you. It almost completely leveled me up and I'm already in the higher ranks. Go to server browser and almost half of them are 24 hour Metro crap.

hesido2362d ago

I leave the server when I see gazillion tickets. It's a nuisance indeed. Your first paragraph is also spot on.

There should a be limit of how much they can change a variable before the server becomes non-rankable.

Quickmatch multiplayer option became UTTERLY useless now, btw!

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