PAX East: BioWare Talks ‘Mass Effect 3′ [Game Rant]

Game Rant's Jason Weissman writes: "BioWare talks to PAX attendees about the controversial ending to ‘Mass Effect 3.’ Did the fans hear enough to have their fears assuaged or is BioWare in for another round of criticism?"

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VanillaBear2324d ago (Edited 2324d ago )

The panel was a joke

They spent the entire time avoiding the ending (massive elephant in the room) and tried to waste as much time as possible. Basicaly it all came down to...Tali is racist, theres 300 conversations on the Normandy and 15,000 pieces to make it in game.....yeah talking about stats about the games design which nobody gives a crap about. Oh and they also spent more time talking about ME/ME2 and the characters in the games. Honestly I have never seen the forums freak out as much in my life, this was Biowares last chance to fix the damage control but they failed....again

Plus the audience questions were obviously plants by Bioware/EA....they asked the most retarded questions ever, some which can easily be answered in the codex or some which made less sense when they answered

For example the first went something like this

"I was forced to play this game as a class assignment but what happened to the people on board the citadel when it moved"

They answered that some people coild of survived because of "emergency pods" on the citadels arms.....even though it blew up into bits

Not ONE speaker mentioned anything about the ending, I know they didn't want to talk about it but I can't believe that not one even got asked a close enough question about it. I mean the last question was something about facial animations.

Even the Indoctrination theory question didn't get a straight answer, they couldn't of just said Yes or No....leaving us guessing more, raising out hopes up.

Trust me if you were watching Kotakus live feed and reading the forums you would know how much BS came out of it


If anyone wants to see the questions, it's on the forum

GezForce2324d ago

I feel your pain bro.... i've invested 100's of hours into this franchise. took the effort to build up my team, right every wrong in the galaxy... aquire every possible war asset, develop a love interest, only to have it all pissed on by bioware and EA's greedy dlc ambitions. my Shepard was robbed of the epic ending he deserved. ME3 would of been my GOTY.

kent800820072324d ago

Cut bioware some slack, seriously what do you people expect them to do? Kneel before you begging you to forgive them? All they did was failing to make a game ending that live up to their fans expectations, but now they're being treated like frauds. I feel for Bioware, some people are just mean imbeciles

002324d ago

I'm not going to cut them slack when they say there is no A,B,C ending then they give an A,B,C ending.

Godmars2902324d ago

Live up to their promises? To have thought out the ME Universe, which by suggested evidence is something they didn't really do.

greyhaven332324d ago

Not saying your wrong or being combative, but is there really evidence of that? I'm curious

Godmars2902323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

They've made a number of claims concerning the game which have turned out not to be true. Like MP not effecting SP, when apparently you need to get some time in on MP to up your was assets value.