First Halo 4 multiplayer details leak out

XMNR: The first details from Halo 4's multiplayer came out in a leak on Friday from the May issue of Game Informer and the news is bound to shake up the fans of the series with some of the changes planned. What does 343 Industries have planned for the first game in the new trilogy, how do the recent "Halo Infinity" website domain reservations tie-in and what happened with Firefight?

Also, scans of the article.

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Hufandpuf2291d ago

Sprinting is standard!? YES!

Prince_Dim-Lu2291d ago

Sprinting standard!!! No more waiting to respawn!!! Joining games that people quit on!!!!

Ya.. it sucks joining a game that is almost over, but I rather have that happen, rather then have 3 people leave the game right away, and you end up playing the game 4 on 1 the whole time. That really sucks.

DoomeDx2291d ago

I think the instant spawing is only in Team Slayer. Because lets be honest, during a TDM game, it doesnt matter if you spawn instantly or not.

But during CTF, yes, spawn times are a MUST

Spydiggity2291d ago

the most exciting thing has to be the random weapon spawns. now teams of players can't use weapon camping "strategies." the term strategies being used VERY loosely here. nothing says no skill like depending on the spawn timers of the superlative weapons.

Prince_Dim-Lu2290d ago

I too am excited for the random weapon spawn.

And I agree about the instant respawning in TDM only. If it happens in all of them, oh well I guess. I'm just glad these changes are sounding sweet!

Tose2290d ago


You don't have a clue what you're talking about.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32290d ago

So they're not adding bots? I thought I read somewhere that they were.

Drake1172290d ago

Some of these changes are completely terrible ideas and some are alright. I dont like the random weapon spawns and instant respawns(in games other than team slayer). I'm a long time competitor in halo, i have competed in atleast one MLG event in every halo since halo 2. The random spawns is def a downer for any one like me. Getting the timing right for weapon spawns adds a second layer of strategy to the halo franchise that other games don't have. At high levels of competition in halo everyone and i mean everyone knows the time on weapon spawns. It takes a lot of team coordination and strategy to secure power weapons. In all honesty tho i wouldn't mind it if they kept the random weapon spawns in normal matchmaking games but allowed players an option to turn it off in custom games or community playlists like MLG. It would def make it easier for new players and harder for the no skill players that just grab rockets every game. Oh and thank god it might eliminate team killing for super weapons at the start of a match.

Fylus2290d ago

Septic, are you sure it's not just because Red and Blue have simply been rivalry colors since the American Revolutionary War? Probably earlier than that? Crips and Bloods have absolutely nothing to do with it. Your comment also had nothing to do with anything.

Anyways, ON Topic, I really like the idea of sprinting as standard and random weapon spawns. I'm also excited to hear more information about forge mode. Honestly, forge mode is like the only thing I do in any Halo game. I'm hoping it will be more dynamic this time around.

CommonSense2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

it might add a "second layer of strategy" but it hurts the first layer. and don't call it strategy. there is nothing strategic about being able to count to 90. it means you depend on those weapons..they are a crutch. if it were up to me, there would be no rockets or snipers in halo. they're just there so baddies don't have to fight in the gauntlet with everyone else. easy kills for the cheapest players. if that's what you're looking for, play cod. then you can just camp a corner and get ankle shots.

Tose2290d ago

lol the disagrees i got are hilarious. sorry ps3 defense force, but spydiggity doesn't have a clue what he's talking about, his words are that of a person who's bad at halo. weapon times and securing them is something that sets apart good players from bad-- (one of the many). Please don't make ignorant comments about tactics in the game you feel are unfair just because you lose to said tactics more often than you'd like.

Spydiggity2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

sorry, no it doesn't. it might separate people who play all the time from people who don't, but it has nothing to do with skill.

the fact that you think memorization and skill are the same thing speaks quite loudly at how well you handle yourself with the standard weapons. i never go for the special guns, if i a stumble upon one (or more likely...when i steal it from your dead, memorizing, skill-free ass), i'll use it; but i don't need them to be good. i can handle myself just fine with the AR, BR, DMR, Pistol, and occasional shotty.

it's actually kinda pathetic hearing ppl cry about it. but hey, i'll be glad that i won't have to see you noobs online come retail.

EDIT: I wouldn't worry about it too much though. all the outcry from the noobs that should probably just stick with COD will probably result in a "classic" game type where weapons always spawn in the same locations. wouldn't want to alienate all the very sub-par gamers that consider themselves "hardcore."

EDIT 2: "Please don't make ignorant comments about tactics in the game you feel are unfair just because you lose to said tactics more often than you'd like." sounds kinda like what you're doing with the new mechanics. a little preemptive excuse making (and hypocrisy) from one of the baddies that thinks he has skill cuz he can count to 90. LOL.

I'm not sure what's more hilarious. the fact that you assume i'm bad cuz i said i don't need special weapons, or the fact that you think you're good because you learned about spawn timers just like any idiot can on any halo forum. there's soooo much skill in typing 'respawn timers' into google. those are some 1337 skills you got there.

here you go though, now everyone is a "good" as you falsely think you are.

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dark-hollow2291d ago

Oh god. Armor abilities? again?

Halo for me was all about competitive, fair playground for both teams.

The multiplayer in halo 3 was in my opinion one of the most balanced fps ever.
Everyone starts pretty basic. It only you, your gun that everybody have and your skills.

Want that sweet rocket launcher? Then prove yourself and earn it before the other team take it.

Want unbalanced chaos fun? Well that's what custom games are for.
You can modify the damage, weapons, respawning, speed, gravity, etc. As you like but in the main ranked team death match or slayer matches? Nope. You don't gain advantage over your opponents.

Hufandpuf2291d ago

halo 2 was the most balanced. Only you and power weapons. no bubble shield, camo, or flash bangs to help you out.

dark-hollow2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

But even then equipments are like weapons have their fixed places on the maps.

EDIT: you mean the classic playlists that only have 5% of people online playing it? No thanks.

Mustang300C20122291d ago

Yet you can play that way now with any version including the Halo 4 so I don't know why anyone complains about abilities that you don't have to play with

da_2pacalypse2291d ago

I agree with you 100%

But hey, maybe 343 can get the abilities right this time. I need to see more before I judge, but I'm not liking some of the things I see there. :(

TekoIie2291d ago

Armor lock had better not return...

Drake1172290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

I also am not a fan of armor abilities. It def takes away from the competitiveness. But on the bright side it does add another dimension to the halo franchise that other games don't have. If you like to compete at halo just play MLG no radar and no power ups(along with a lot of other changes to add balance). Bungie (i hope 343) is usually pretty good at making a lot of dif play lists for dif play styles.
Def agree dude halo 2 is prob my fav mp of all time. So much more competitive back then. Long live the double shot and BXR.

VanillaBear2290d ago

"The multiplayer in halo 3 was in my opinion one of the most balanced fps ever.
Everyone starts pretty basic. It only you, your gun that everybody have and your skills."

Uncharted 2 was kind of similar then they spoiled it in Uncharted 3....ok so maybe boosters were still there but they hardly helped you after Lv25 and SA was still present.

"Want that sweet rocket launcher? Then prove yourself and earn it before the other team take it."

...then there was that aswell

Now we have loadouts <sigh>

It's a shame to see Halo get the same treatment, can we have a online game which tries to not copy what every other online game does these days

CommonSense2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

wow! is it possible to enter a 360 article without someone mentioning an uncharted game? if the game is so great (which it isn't), shouldn't you be busy playing it instead of constantly just talking about it?

the answer, of course, is no. because once you play uncharted MP for a few minutes, you realize it's a really crappy, tact on experience (not to mention incredibly easy) that really has no business being there.

as for armor abilities...i kinda liked them. admittedly, i wasn't very good with them. they just add a layer of depth to the experience that you don't get in most console shooters. having said that, i can live with or without me.

the change i want to see in halo is the breathing effect when zooming with snipers. sniping in halo has been way too easy since halo 2 (halo 1 being the only one in the franchise that got it even kinda right).

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Kingdom Come2291d ago

The Elites look fantastic, unfortunately they won't be playable in multiplayer...

Whore_Mouth2291d ago

I don't know why people are disagreeing. What you have stated has been confirmed in this article.

Laxman2291d ago

Whore_Mouth, they are disagreeing with the fact he said 'unfortunately'. A lot of people dont like playing as Elites, and are thus disagreeing with the notion that it is unfortunate.

Ashunderfire862290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

To be honest I see why they won't put the Elites in the multiplayer, cause face it, they play the same as the Spartans. The only thing different about the Elites is just looks. Liking what I read about this game!!! Halo 4 is going to change in a big and hopefully more balanced way. When I read about Forunner vision!!! I'm thinking that the Forunners have the ability to track where you are by seeing through walls. This A.l. ability will lead into some interesting path finding tech. I am glad campers don't have the upper hand this time lol!!! How many games year after year, always give campers an advantage over the unfortunate victims in the middle of the battlefield? Too many!!! Hope Halo 4 will set the standards on that too. Halo 4 is my most anticipated game for the holidays. Halo 4 and Medal of Honor two day one games for me.

Drake1172290d ago

In halo reach the elites actually play dif as well. They have significantly higher amount of hp and jump higher and stuff i think.

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rogimusprime2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Bu Bu But, how will I dominate if I don't get to the sniper rifle first and return every 2.5 minutes???

Sgt_Slaughter2291d ago

This could very well be the best Halo since 2.

-Alpha2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Really? I'm pretty disappointed--

1. see through walls (as if invisibility on command wasn't enough)
2. buy gameplay advantages (there goes the heart of Halo)
3. sprint as standard, INSTANT spawn, random weapon spawn times (an attempt to make the game easier for casuals/newbies as opposed to letting them learn, completely destroys the map domination and thinking ahead strategies)

I always loved Halo for being a controlled game that required thoughtfulness of map domination in addition to completely balanced gameplay options where the only difference came in how you thought and how you shot. This sounds anything but, and I'm sure this is only scratching the surface.

MAJ0R2291d ago

Sounds like the complete opposite of everything Halo has been, it seems like they are casualizing it...

lategamer2291d ago

1.) - Have you played Shadowrun? In the game, there was a "perk" that allowed you to see through walls. It worked REALLY well, and if Halo 4 implements a similar feature, it could work for the game.
2.) - "buy gameplay advantages" I really doubt it will take that long to unlock these abilities. Maybe a week at the most for most gamers.
3.) I'm cool with sprint, I'm not worried about Instant Spawn cept in Objective gametypes, and we'll see how random weapon spawn times work.

Honestly, it's probably best to wait until we have more information before we rant. We don't know if this applies to all modes, or social gametypes, etc.

As long as 343i gives me a Team Hardcore & other modes for competitive game mode, good maps, etc. I'll be happy.

ascarymonster2290d ago

They're adding even more luck mechanics. We've watched each subsequent game in the series lower the skill ceiling and increase accessibility. There's no point in hiding from it anymore, halo is no longer about competition or skill.

It's not the end of the world though. Maybe we can try and focus on having fun instead of trying to be good at the game. Don't buy the game if you want a competitive experience.

Ashunderfire862290d ago

I agree with @ RoBoT666

It will be the best Halo since 2. Seeing through walls just adds another strategy to the game. Well they could have another ability that could distract players with the Forunner visions. It's not like they will be overpowered. Its stop campers from getting the same cheap kills everytime. Campers in Call of Duty and especially Battlefield 3(camp centeral!!!) had way more advantage than most players. Halo 4 will own Call of duty for good this time around.

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honkyjesus2290d ago

Wait until more details emerge and the media and marketing truly tell you what to think. You almost had a thought of your own, and that is troubling.

xgatz2291d ago

The competitive community is getting screwed by 343. I don't want to play CoD, I want Halo, with timed weapons and timed spawns.

Intentions2291d ago

Pretty sure, there would be a separate playlist or something with timed spawns. Or it is a certain game-type etc?

xgatz2291d ago

I don't know. Even if it is, the halo community will become even more split, with more playlists but less players in each. The gameplay will drastically change. More chaotic, less map control, and less competitive.

-Alpha2291d ago

I absolutely agree, I don't like what I'm hearing at all

vevul2291d ago

'Timed' things in Halo is part of camping. I mean why not? Yeah ,your not around that area at the moment,But when its time for the weapons to drop everyone swarms like a swarm of bees like they never left that spot. If anything random spawns is even more competitive so why you complaining? Put it this way you wont have to whisper to your xbox live friends saying 'rockets in 3 minutes gies lololollloo' .But seriously tho im sure they will be some sort of pattern people will crack down. I find that Halo players are some of the smartest people around in gaming (not including 12 year olds) but thats jut my opinion on it

ascarymonster2290d ago

If you randomize spawns, you're introducing another luck based element. Competitive games all about predictability. When luck provides a significant advantage to a team or player, you have a variable that can't be accounted for by any amount of skill, teamwork, or practice and that DESTROYS the competitive side of the game.

No Way2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Competitive gameplay has a lot more to do with skill, as in finding ways to kill other players, rather than "Sniper in 40 seconds; go go go!" Just my opinion.

Redtide2291d ago

reading that actually made me happy im now excited for this game