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"Despite its obvious presence in the center of the main menu, and the fact that the game practically begs the player to try the single player mode before permitting entry to the multiplayer interface, I wouldn’t blame anyone for forgetting that the Call of Duty series is committed to its solo story campaign. Sometimes I forget this game mode exists, myself." (Josh Schultze, OnlySP)

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portugamer2362d ago

I've just finished playing killzone 3.servers were full with gamers, had a great time playing it, for 3 hours.the game really feels next gen, graphics are fabulous, crispy textures and great colors. Driving and exo is just insanely good.

For cod, instead of worrying about the story campaign, they should worry about making a new graphic engine.

Damn, craptivision are so lazy, sleeping over their billions, I won't be surprised if they just port the current engine, so it runs on the ps4 and 720.

trenso12362d ago

well i borrowed mw3 yesterday just to play the sp and see the ending. the story was mediocre at best. with way to many explosions for absolutely no reason. for example in the mission where you have to rescue the girl and get to the part where you have to repel down the building. why was the plane that you used to take out the tanks 3 minutes earlier shooting the windows above you as you repeled down? what purpose did that serve also since when does shooting windows in a office building create explosions?. or how if you shot the driver of a car going 10 mph the car would crash and explode. like that is beyond ridiculous. the story is forgettable as well i cant even remember how it ends specifically beside makarov getting shot and dying (ofcourse).

SuperBeast8112362d ago

Makarov actually got hung by price but thats all I remeber LOL it was modern warfare in name only you can easily tell it was made by different people(sledgehammer).

Moncole2362d ago

If you play CoD for the story you are playing it wrong

SuperBeast8112362d ago

You do know that CoD started out focused on the SP its just that after CoD4 the MP blew up

ilovemyps32361d ago

It's a shame most games now must look, play and feel like cod games.

Soon, even a sonic game, or a tetris game will feature some co op fps gameplay. Guys, forget mp , forget cod, use your brain and creativity to create new experiences,

How I would like someone to make a steets of rage game, with 3-4 internet co op players, with a +10 hour long campaign, dozens of different enemies, with some insane 1080p graphics.

Developers, I would like to have a ecco the dolphin game, with some insane graphics, physics, water, in a perfect hd glory.

Also give me a shot them up, like last resort, 20 hours long campaign, tones of trophies, in hd.

Give me a Donald duck (quackshot) or mickey game, with some insane graphics, like rayman origins.

So so so many great games could be done, but no. When a studio starts making a new game, the first question must be 'how can we make it look like cod?'

StayStatic2362d ago

Don't revive soap just to kill him off later anyways , such a disappointment ... be a good start to improving things.

rogimusprime2362d ago

I'm still mad they killed soap. That was stupid. The campaign was better than MW2, and don't even get me started on how FORGETTABLE the campaign on black ops was.... HORRIBLE.

Valenka2362d ago

Call of Duty has a campaign? I thought it was just a multiplayer game. [/sarcasm]

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