Hawken - PAX East 2012 Cinematic Trailer

DSOGaming writes: "Adhesive Games’ mech action fast-paced MP game, Hawken looks gorgeous and since PAX East is under way, the company has released a new cinematic trailer for it."

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ATi_Elite2321d ago

Every gameplay video i see of Hawken makes me throw more money at the screen!

I need more info on the command ship cause it's pretty obvious we get to get inside it and blast gamers/mechs on the ground.

Perjoss2321d ago

I hope Hawken does well enough so the devs decide to do a sequel or expansion full of single player campaign goodness.

Hufandpuf2321d ago

I love the enviroment, but they should add like flying cars to add life to the city. It looks too static

Lavalamp2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

You can actually catch a glimpse of one in this trailer!

Hufandpuf2321d ago

yeah, that's where I got the thought from. I hope they have them flying around while playing, and if you hit one, they'll blow up

Lavalamp2321d ago

They do fly around and you can blow them up! The 2-part video interview on GameTrailers has an early build of it.