LucasArts unveiling a Wii U MMO at E3? |

Shawn Long of discovers something interesting pertaining to E3 that could be a secret LucasArts is about to unleash.

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PopRocks3592322d ago

Hmmm... I wonder how well MMOs would do on the Wii U. Better yet, I'd like to try one out. That Lego MMO was confirmed for Wii U, right?

SirNintend02322d ago

I think the tablet like controller will help.

guitarded772322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

They better unveil Star Wars Battlefront 3 or there will be hell to pay!!!

On topic: I'd like to see how they utilize the Wii U controller with a MMO too. It'd be nice to completely do away with the HUD and have all that mess on the tablet... more immersive.

EDIT: Yeah I'm definitely going to chalk this one up as a RUMOR!!! They have absolutely NO SOURCE or any evidence of anything?!?! WTF?!?! It's like some people just make s#!t up and post it as a rumor... then some retard comes and reads it and takes it as fact.

ATi_Elite2322d ago

....Begun have the console MMO war begun!

Consoles will either join us or DIE!

SirNintend02322d ago

There is a source in the article, that's why I posted it. Read it.

SilentNegotiator2322d ago

Even if, it'll probably be pay 2 win, since that seems to be the only MMO form on consoles that manages to half-succeed.

GamingPerson2322d ago

just imagine micro transaction for a crowd that doesn't complain much.. EA will be happy.

Nodoze2321d ago

If this is true it will be the end of Lucasarts. They are not capable of the infrastructure support (which is why they sold off the Knights MMO). I really hope this is not the case as they could easily make a bank load with Battlefront 3, a new X-Wing vs Tie Fighter, or any other story based games set in the star wars universe (and no Kinect Star Wars is not what the fans want).

If true RIP Lucasarts.