1up: How Can Final Fantasy Versus XIII Not be a Disappointment?

Square Enix announced Final Fantasy Versus XIII way back at E3 in 2006, along with its peers Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Agito XIII. Since then, both vanilla XIII and Agito have actually seen release -- Agito under the new name "Type-0" -- and the former has even enjoyed a recent sequel. Yet Versus remains nowhere to be seen; Square didn't even bother teasing it at last year's Tokyo Game Show.

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Ranma12326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

Am quite skeptical about FFvs13, because its made by a company called Square Enix.

If it was made by a company called Squaresoft i would buy it, not based on the quality of the game. But based on the name of the company on the box. Many would do the same.

This says a lot about the image of Square Enix. Lets just hope they dont add an auto battle feature & make you pay for secret bosses, or have towns with little to no people & where you cant enter buildings...

PshycoNinja2325d ago

I agree with the author on most points except when he bad mouthed Kingdom Hearts and Tetsuya Nomura's stories. He called people who "say they understand" Kingdom Hearts story liars. A little bit bias there but I will let it slide. I understand Kingdom Hearts story. Just because you can't doesn't make other people "liars". And Nomura makes things with awesome stories (Final Fantasy games, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children).

Second, I trust the story to be good. Period.

Now all we need is Square to announce the freaking game.

TheUnbiasedLion2325d ago

Yeah I was a bit miffed by that too, just because he is to stupid to understand a deep intricate plot doesn't mean the rest of the world is the same.

Thus what I don't like about some gamers, if it requires thought they give up.

young juice2325d ago

you know i wonder what he thinks about metal gear solids story. because if you think about it mgs and kingdom hearts pretty similar in terms of base mechanics. for instance they both have intricate stories(hideo kojima does a better job at telling mgs imo), they both blend the lines between japanese and western entertainment, and they both have combat mechanics that are rarely perfected in other games/end rant

i just dont think the author had motivation to understand the story

RedDead2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

I hope it is good. It is my most hyped game. But as far as i'm concerned...This is Nomura's chance to win me over. Because KH didn't for many reasons. For example, is Nomura gonna make battles the complete focus of the game like KH, where the battles get extremely repetitive after a while? I mean, the KH battle system is good, it proves itself in the boss battle's. But the regular battles are bad and boring. All he needs to do for Versus is..give some breaks to battles. Nothing more than that.

It's called pacing and when used right it makes game go from good to great. FFXIII for example did not have any pacing at all.

As for Music, Shimumura fu** yes. Graphics, covered, art style excellent imo. Airships/chocobo's etc covered. The story seems like it will be good so far from what I can tell. It's pretty realistic...with some fantasy elements(like game of thrones actually)

Edit--also t below about the 360. I'd be shocked if it wasn't going to 360. This is NOT Nomura's call no matter how much he would like it to be. He is NOT a Ps fanboy like some people think either. He has developed for other devices and stuff. And most importantly..This is Square Enix...the most important factor in the equation.

badz1492325d ago

I'd say by be on the shelf already!! it's already freaking 7 years!

Reibooi2325d ago

I don't think it will be a disappointment if Nomura gets all the stuff he said he wanted into the game. Given the time it's been in development I would assume he has gotten all that stuff and more. He has said and we have seen to a certain extent that Versus will be a return to the Final Fantasy everyone wants back with things like a world map and such.

If you think about it when other devs in SE were saying a FFVII remake would take a long time well that's what Versus is taking and from what little we know it's of similar scale.

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Lilioups2325d ago

I am not.....its nomura behind it,team of advent children and kingdom heart

Megaman_nerd2325d ago

while KH is good Advent Children was terrible. For me that movie doesn't even exist within the FF7 universe.

NeoBasch2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

You'd buy based on a label? What about the people who made that game instead? They're more important than any label. It's why I picked up XIII. It's why I picked up Persona 4, Uncharted 3, Heavy Rain, God of War III, Mass Effect 3, etc. I don't buy based on a company's name. I buy based on the talent behind the game. For Uncharted it was Hennig. For Persona it was Katsuro Hashino and Yuichiro Tanaka. For Heavy Rain, Cage. God of War, Asmussen. And finally Hudson and Walters for Mass Effect.

Hicken2325d ago

Ranma's been hating on FF since s/he joined the site. YOu'll notice about 96% of his/her posts are related to bashing XIII and XIII-2 in particular, while never having played them.

As for what you've said, I agree... well, kinda. I grabbed Persona 4 because I'd played 3 and some of the SMT games and loved them: ATLUS is a company I trust. Same with UC3: I have faith in Naughty Dog's work.

I get what you're saying, though: it should be the actual developers you buy the games for, rather than the publishers(which is why I'll buy Asura's Wrath despite Capcom being involved, since I love CyberCOnnect's games). That's one of the ways I decide on a game: since I know who's doing The Last Guardian, I feel comfortable spending my money on that game.

Which brings me to my next point, kinda sorta: people would be less disappointed if they stopped making up their own expectations for games. All the hate that was tossed XIII's way, for example, was unwarranted: at no point in time were ANY of the things people said were missing advertised to be in XIII. Every trailer and demo (and the game itself) all gave the same impression; the game, therefore, should have been judged based on that, instead of stuff it didn't even try to do. It's like getting mad at a puzzle game for not being action/adventure.

If people can avoid doing that with Versus (though it's probably already too late), then I think most folks can avoid being disappointed. As it stands, however, I think people have hyped the game up so far that it'll never be able to live up to expectations.

ChrisW2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

"How Can Final Fantasy Versus XIII Not be a Disappointment?"

By not having the story and fighting mechanics being made by Japanese...

limewax2325d ago

That would make it as disappointing as possible, If you don't want a JRPG buy Skyrim. But no way should the japanese hand their franchises to the west.

That would mean we would get FF7 the FPS, complete with 12v12 MP and a stupidly unbalanced perk system

ChrisW2325d ago


I think it's pretty well known that JRPGs' stories are beyond cliche and written as if intended for Manga.

As for the fighting mechanics... FPS? Really? I think you over-exaggerated there a bit...

Blacksand12325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

This game not coming out until 2013 when PS4 come.

Hawkhunter122325d ago

I'm not even expecting a 2013 release date. 2015 at its earliest.

And even if Versus XIII DOES release in stores, I'll bet the game is going to be stripped to DLC pieces like what Square-Enix is doing to XIII-2.

Lucretia2325d ago

your a noob ranma, if you even looked at the gameplay or new about the game you would know its an action rpg like kingdom hearts created by kingdom hearts creator, aswell as has an open world map.

cant put auto battle in an action rpg u newb :P

DragonKnight2325d ago

Technically you can. Take a look at games like Star Ocean 3 where you can have the computer take control of everyone so long as you set a Tactics style, i.e. support first, attack second. Same can be done in this.

Lucretia2325d ago


ummmm no one meant that lol. How the hell do you control 4 characters at the same time without AI?

again Kingdom hearts had donald, goofy, aladdin etc control themselves while you played, you could not make sora fight alone.

the difference in versus is that like star ocean you can switch on the fly. and like in star ocean you have to be controlling atleast one character always. its not autobattle where you hit the command auto battle and it plays for you.

now the only game that could do that is ff12. gambit system made even your main play by itself, that was bad lol

DragonKnight2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

"How the hell do you control 4 characters at the same time without AI?"

What does that have to do with anything? I never argued the absence of AI.

You said "you can't have auto-battle in an action-RPG" and I provided a system that can allow auto-battle in an action-RPG. You think it's not possible to implement a command structured AI combat mechanic? Like the FFXII gambit system, all you need is to set "attack closest enemy" and the AI could take over completely and there's your auto-battle. So the phrase "you can't have auto-battle in an action-rpg" is wrong.

meganick2325d ago

"How can FF Versus XIII not be a disappointment?"

By never being released. Ha!

SPAM-FRITTER-1232325d ago

how can people ever say call of duty,street fighter (SF4,SSF4 and SSF42012E) or halo is milked when there is FF13,FF13.2 and FFvs13

3 of the same title in 2 years but its ok when its the most over rated franchise in gaming history.

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ritsuka6662326d ago

I give up on FF versus already..

I was excited in 2006, but now I hope it remains in development hell.
Lame RPGs in this days...

Lavalamp2325d ago

I don't understand this sort of mindset. If there's a game that I dislike or have no interest in I simply choose not to experience it. It just seems so malicious to want to end something just because you don't enjoy or anticipate what other people do.

Lord_Sloth2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Hmm...I disagree with his wishing 1 of the last hope for the JRPG to end, but would enjoy if certain franchises would stop oversaturating the market. Especially if they don't really change anything.

Lavalamp2325d ago (Edited 2325d ago )

Edit: Whoa there, Broseidon, when you edit your post entirely like that, you make my reply look completely whack, yo.

Lord_Sloth2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

You must have ninja'd me. I edited it almost immediately after when I re-read the above posts.

Funny story, I've used Broseidon as a screen name on my facebook before.

Snookies122326d ago

I trust it only because Nomura's name is behind it. That is the ONLY reason I trust this game. Enix has run the once "king of RPGs" company into the ground, and they really don't have my support any longer. The only man at that company with any sense left is Tetsuya, and in my opinion he's the only thing keeping it alive. They already lost the amazing Sakaguchi and legendary Uematsu, if Nomura goes that's the end of the road for them.

I understand there are some who like FFXIII and XIII-2, but seriously, they have NOTHING on the older FF games, and you can't even compare them.

Son_Lee2326d ago

Almost no game ever lives up to THIS much hype. With that being said, if anyone can do it, it's Nomura. And if he has been working on it for this many years, it's hard to say it won't be perfect and he put his heart and soul into this project.

But Square needs to stop overworking him. Maybe they secretly know he's the only talent on that staff.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI2325d ago

Square has plenty of talented minds, it's just the mismanagement is abysmal.

BluePumpkin72325d ago

nomura is definitely not the only talent left at square

Son_Lee2325d ago

Well, I should say he's the best talent there. That's what I meant to say.

Outside_ofthe_Box2326d ago (Edited 2326d ago )

As long as FFVS13 has a great story people won't call it a disappointment just because it didn't live up to the 6 years of hype it currently has.

Hellsvacancy2325d ago

Im not too bothered about the story, i just want a massive open world FF game, is that too much to ask for