Looking For Hits: Will You Wii U?

This week, the rumor mill got to turning for Nintendo's upcoming home console, the Wii U. Third parties, release dates and raw power are on the table. - GRxPSLS

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alexcosborn2296d ago

Totally not feeling the Wii U. Unless HD Zelda or a new Metroid blows me away, I'm giving this console a pass.

insertcoin2296d ago

I'll likely hold off on the Wii U until I see what developers do with the tablet controller. I worry it's just going to collect dust like my Wii...

negroguy2296d ago

I know a person shouldn't buy a console for a single game but I've bought past Nintendo consoles just for super smash bros which I will most likely do for Wii U.

_Aarix_2295d ago

Well I bought an xbox 360 in 2008 just for gear of war 2 and I never regreted it.

Bought a ps3 shortly after for heavy rain, never regretted it.

Fel082296d ago

Ha, I see what you did there

Sgt_Slaughter2296d ago (Edited 2296d ago )

Hell yeah I'm buying it! Then the Vita... on second thought, I'll buy the Vita 1st.

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