Project-Blu: Twisted Metal Review

Project-Blu writes: "Twisted Metal is more or less, the same game that it was 10 years ago in terms of feel, but at the same time, as a gamer, I have grown up a bit as well. But if there’s one thing to credit this game for, it firmly embraces its values and roots....the question is whether it packs enough nostalgia for you to fully embrace the series again."

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TheModernKamikaze2357d ago

It was great with the additional nostalgia! :)

godzilla722356d ago (Edited 2356d ago )

I dont think it felt like the originals. For one, each vehicle had its own character back then. Now, you can only choose between 3 characters for all the cars! Kinda dumb and lazy if you ask me. The car physics did not feel the same to me, they didnt have that nice loose, but tight feeling they did 15 yrs ago. It was a letdown for me.

Car combat felt rushed and akward to me. I passed on this one and im a really huge fan of twisted metal1 and 2. This just did not feel the same. Felt a little more like twisted metal black to me.

Biggest2356d ago

Goes to show there are different tastes in gaming. I thought Twisted Metal: Black was plain incredible. I like the newest version, but Black is still the best to me.

godzilla722356d ago

Yea, to tell you the truth. Black felt better to me than this one. I think my all time favorite was TW2. Those ones that TW for the psp even felt like the old school ones too.

_Aarix_2356d ago

I liked calypsos voice in tm3 alot better.

chameleontongue2356d ago

i remember playing this on the PSone.. glad to see the clown on the ice cream truck is still included in the game