Cheating AI is Bad Game Design

Did a Mazda MX-5 just overtake your lightning-fast Polyphony F1 car? Does the enemy have a literal army before you even get a Tesla coil up? Is the AI looking through walls at you? Is a chess game making OUTRIGHT ILLEGAL MOVES? Congratulations you are up against a cheating AI.

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PopRocks3592322d ago

I've seen this in a lot of games. Whether it be CoD AI able to snipe you with sub machine guns from a quite a distance away, or Mario Kart's rubber-band AI always catching up and never leaving you alone (not to mention the constant spiny blue shells).

But I'm not as miffed about them. They create challenge. Sure, it's unfair, but so were a lot of older games back in the day. The first Super Mario is downright brutal once you get to the later worlds. And that game was marketed toward children!

Let's stop being so negative. Again, you're right. It's not fair. But it's not really anything to get angry about.

Tastynoodle2322d ago

Sometimes AI has to cheat to be able to offer a decent challege capable of improving the player without playing against a real opponent. Mario Kart on the other hand works in favour of the player too should they fall behind. You'll get your own constant array of stars, bullet bills and blue shells if you're falling behind.

THESONYPS32321d ago

Maybe its just really good AI? lol

ronin4life2321d ago

I personally be live the three shot instant death of harder difficulty early CoD games was just a statistic die roll of "dead" or "not dead."
And then there was grenade spawning anywhere the devs didn't want you to be (or sometimes just for staying i cover more than three seconds.) And I mean literal grenade spawning, not ai characters simply using a lot of grenades... O.o;

ATi_Elite2321d ago

Cheating A.I. is just a by product of Devs not having programmed a good A.I. tree!

They try to compensate for the lack of a good A.I. tree or resources to implements a proper A.I. tree by just having the A.I. "Go all Neo" and just do things outside the realm of the "The Matrix"

Sure nothing is worst than getting 1 shot killed by a Shotgun from 2 miles away but hey that's why that F5 key is there.

To this day I'm still impressed with the A.I. in STALKER Call of Pripyat! sitting back and watching NPC's use tactics and strategy to attack one another then watch the survivors loot the bodies of guns and supplies is just so amazing! Then only to have a pack of Dogs drag the dead bodies off before you can get your loot on is even more shocking!

Best A.I. ever!

SilentNegotiator2321d ago

"Is the AI looking through walls at you?"

This always ticks me off. Like when you're completely in cover, and move to a spot that the AI shouldn't be able to predict and the millisecond you expose yourself, you take a bullet.

That's just bad AI design. I should be able to move unexposed and then get a shot in before the AI spots me from my new perch.

JoySticksFTW2321d ago (Edited 2321d ago )

I played Monopoly on iphone and that junk was cheating like crazy on level 3 difficulty

the AI players were giving each other full communities like Boardwalk and Parkplace and making ridiculous trades just to knock me out, while I couldn't even pass Go. LOL

Higher difficulty should mean smarter trades and strategy; not tractor beam dice rolls to "Go to Jail" or Boardwalk with hotels

I don't mind higher health and accuracy in shooters, but breaking the rules or spirit of the game just leads to gamer frustration.

Demon's Souls does it right. high difficultly that is fair and can be overcome with player patience and strategy.

pixelsword2321d ago

Devs can't win this; if they do all that people ask, they say the AI isn't responsive, if they did it really, really, well so that no one could tell if that's a person or not on the other side, the gamer turns down the difficulty.

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Dark_Overlord2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Cheating AI p***es me off, its a cheap way of extending a games life.

Don't get me wrong, I love a challenge but not when its cheap in how its executed (COD on veteran) I prefer something like Demon Souls, where you die through lack of skill rather than being cheated :)

ronin4life2321d ago

I would add Monster Hunter offers a similar challenge set up. ^_^;

FatGayandbald2322d ago

Over the years you realise that 99% of games cheat especially if you play a game on hardest difficulty ,no matter how powerful computers get they still can't come close to beating Gods computers fairly.

Fez2321d ago

God's a PC elitist.

ZodTheRipper2321d ago

There are games/genres where cheating AI is neccesary to keep it's challenge for the player ...but there are also games/genres where it's just bad game design. Especially in genres that are built on real life activities it should be a matter of realism who wins ...

CC-Tron2321d ago

Fighting games tend to have cheating AI also. Every fighter including the slow ones move faster than the player. Precognitive throw escapes and counters which if done to the extreme can break a game (Dead or Alive 4).

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