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Xenoblade Chronicles has had a long trip to North America, coming here nearly nine months after it was released in
Europe. Nintendo of America seems to have responded either to strong fan pressure to bring over one of the few epic
RPGs available for the Wii, or simply to have deemed European sales strong enough to bring the game over. Either way,
RPG fans should be grateful to have the opportunity to play this game, which very well could be the greatest JRPG of this

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Relientk772295d ago

I cant wait to get this game, its getting insanely high scores

Indigo1232295d ago

"JRPG fans who have been disappointed by this generation's offerings should not hesitate to play Xenoblade Chronicles"

This comes off as slightly insincere this reviewer in the last month has reviewed no less than 4 japanese rpgs positively.......

magus2295d ago

I really want to play this game. The lack of good rpgs have left me sad and i guess more sad haha.