Yogventures! – A Kickstarter Campaign (JPS)

Finners of Just Press Start writes:

"Whilst I can’t possibly keep you up to date with every Kickstarter Campaign (I probably could but I am far too lazy) this one was too personally poignant to pass up. For those unfamiliar with the Yogscast, and therefore presumably with Minecraft/Youtube/the Internet, let me direct you to their Youtube page, Podcasts and website and then patiently await your return…"

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R_A_LEE202323d ago (Edited 2323d ago )

A load of people must want the game, they've already raised £95,000+ in one day.

I am a fan of the Yogcast so it'll be interesting to see what they do with the game.

As for kickstarters, I can see them becoming quite popular in the future as long as the developer knows what it wants to and delivers it right to the paying fans, whether it's an old franchise, a new game based on a popular series or just a new game in general.

Hopefully it'll be resurrections of old games that died many years ago...

Dicaxe2323d ago

This game is described as "Shaping and building your own world" - Yes, Minecraft. Backer bonuses even include your own blocks and characters.
They plan to release a comicbook, soundtrack, playing cards - Clearly they are just doing this for monetary gain.