190°'s Quest for the PS Vita Has Begun

The hunt is on! Scour the web starting today, April 6th, for hidden PlayStation®Vita app icons with special codes.

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Dante1122363d ago

Nice, I'll be sure to check it out later on.

Snookies122363d ago

Took me a minute to find all of them, but just entered. XD

ftwrthtx2363d ago

Did you get a number off of the video or was it blank for you as well?

Snookies122363d ago

Nah you have to go to a specific one and it has it at the end for the 3rd code. You'll know which one, since it was uploaded VERY recently.

rob200902362d ago

The number is actually an annotation, so make sure you have them turned on! This is why people are getting different numbers at the end.
EX: I had 299 while others had 30

ftwrthtx2362d ago

I didn't realize you needed the annotations on until i read the comments below the video. 299 was what I got as well.

remanutd552362d ago

what? how did you guys figure it out? i go to the first page and thats about it i dont see any code lol

TheGOODKyle2362d ago

The 3 codes are 2, 25, and 30. You're welcome.

PLAYER50952362d ago

yup did this like at 1 in the afternoon the third one was a bitch for me!

operative0012362d ago (Edited 2362d ago )

what is the youtube video. I've looked at most of the recent ones and I can't find it.