Microsoft says Xbox hacking claims are ‘unlikely’

BGR - "A report emerged last week from a security researcher claiming Microsoft’s Xbox lacked important security features that might protect owners who sell used consoles from having personal information stolen. Ashley Podhradsky of Drexel University claimed to have purchased a used Xbox console and used readily available hacking tools to recover the prior owner’s credit card number and other personal information. “Microsoft does a great job of protecting their proprietary information, but they don’t do a great job of protecting the user’s data,” Podhradsky said at the time."

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Dante1122171d ago

Lol, didn't the team actually showed that you could do it in the article as well though? They had the guy's name, address and credit card info from the Xbox 360's hard drive.

dedicatedtogamers2170d ago

Hah! M$ also said the RRoD claims were "unlikely".

GraveLord2170d ago

I guess Microsoft needs some proof. I say someone should make a Youtube video explaining exactly how to do this. You asked for it Microsoft!

ziggurcat2170d ago

MS also blamed people for having their accounts compromised...

AtomicGerbil2170d ago

Always quick to take the credit, but never the blame.

360GamerFG2170d ago

Ooooh I see what you did there. Well done.

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The story is too old to be commented.