Top 5 Surprises We Want from PAX East

From the PlanetXbox360 feature list:

"Today marks the the third annual Penny-Arcade Expo East in Boston, Massachusetts. Normally, the event is a celebration of gaming and its culture rather than a convention used for landmark announcements and reveals. Filled with indie developers showing off their latest and greatest, along with a several large publishers attempting to give their already announced titles a bit more hype from the gaming populace, PAX East -- and PAX Prime, too -- are wonderful events that provide an excellent amount of time giving back to the fans who buy the games."

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bobrea2207d ago

I'm going on Sunday. I'm hoping a lot of people didn't realize that it was on Easter and can't go so the lines aren't bad. And last I heard, Sunday wasn't even sold out.

Nimblest-Assassin2207d ago

My wishlist

1) Clarification on the ME3 ending
2) Assassin's Creed 3 gameplay
3) The Last of Us info, or even better gameplay
4) Bioshock Infinite gamplay
5) Halo 4 gameplay/ info
6) Starhawk single player gameplay